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SA Driver on death charge

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Mcsenna, Feb 18, 2016.

  1. I came across this accident moments after it happened, there is nothing unusual or particularly hazardous about this intersection. From all appearances another sad case of driver ineptitude.
    "A man was charged with driving without due care after a fatal crash.
    A mini bus and a scooter collided at the intersection of Lower North East Rd and George St in Paradise on Thursday.
    A 77 year old man of Devon Park has since been charged with aggravated driving without due care.
    The scooter rider, 30, of Windsor Gardens died later in hospital."

  2. Even though I am not the youngest myself, I am sometimes shocked when I see the way 70+ drivers navigate in dense traffic with no awareness whatsoever,of what goes on around them. I firmly believe there should be re-testing from a certain age. Sounds harsh but it would be of a great benefit to the rest of the community.
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  3. I'm getting up there myself and I don't have a problem with retesting, it might weed out some of those that slipped through the net and have been crap drivers all along. The problem I see is what are you retesting for ? The current license laws are pretty slack and unless there is a sight issue most will pass anyway.
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  4. I am sure I most of us would fail a practical driving test. My kids pull me up about incorrect driving all the time, when I am not doing it by the book. I know there are a lot of oldies out there quite capable; it is the ones who sit in their cars with a fixed stare, drive well under the speed limit and merge on the motorway at walking pace that I consider at risk and a risk for all others. I am sure that 77 year old driver had no idea what happened until he heard the crash and another person was dead.
    Retesting for knowledge of current road rules and to check reaction time and response to other traffic would sort out some who should not be driving anymore.
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  5. Its interesting how we are always telling young people that a license is a privilege but we get protective when we "take away the independance" of older people.

    Regular practical test would be ok by me but who bears the cost?

    I think an online perception and avoidence "test" same as qld "p" platers do for their green "p" plates could be if benefit at renewal time.
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  6. My father is in his mid eighties and still a reasonable driver. He knows enough to not drive at night because his night vision isn't as good anymore but still drives towing a trailer to the tip when needed and gets around Ok. Here in Victoria once you hit 75 Vicroads may require you to get a Medical certificate to say you are still OK to drive. This happened to by father recently and due to some previous health problems Vic Roads subtly asked him to give up his heavy rigid truck endorsement. He was not too happy about it saying "what if I need to drive a heavy truck", this is as likely to happen now days as joining the astronaut program and flying to the moon but it is a sign to him that he is aging so he resisted it.

    Having been driving with him he is quite a good driver but I notice his arthritis and neck injuries prevent him from doing head checks. But he is aware of mirror blind spots and compensates. He drives conservatively enough now days in leaving large braking distances etc. I have given him the lecture on filtering motorcycles ;)

    Statistics say that older people are not overrepresented in accidents, maybe they don't travel as far, just the local shops etc so their road time and thus exposed risk is lower. Should the above person have been driving a minibus at his age, probably not. As a vehicle they have specific blind spot issues and presumably you can be responsible for 10 or more passengers.
  7. After seeing that father killed the other night whilst at school waiting to pick up his Children I too believe that something needs to be done for people who get to an age where they are becoming a danger to other people. Not likely to be done though - more money in minor speed infringements.

    And I don't believe that most would fail a practical test. I passed well decades ago, and I've done my best to try to improve my driving and awareness since then.

    Plus - if people can't pass a simple practical, then their license probably needs to be taken off them. Having to resit may not only address this situation, but it might just be the encouraging nudge that some need to maintain and even improve their driving skills instead of an attitude of "I'll drive how I want - I've got my license and never have to sit a test again".

    But if they went down that road, I'd like to see some flexibility. Such as - an option to sit a driving review or do some sort of advanced training. That way people could get a positive outcome and some value for the cost incurred instead of just a "you're OK.... next"
  8. My Mum made the decision to stop driving, in my experience thats very rare, its usually a big scare or accident or the family makes it for them with lots of trouble making it happen, GPs do this as well. Nobody wants to loose there independence and that's what happens. But its way better then the resulting court dates and guilt of hurting or killing someone. BTW not being able to do head checks is something I have heard before, I was told he slowly moved over and listened for a horn blast, thats kind of crazy top me.
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  9. Doing the Driver Knowledge Test wouldn't hurt for some of them too...
  10. The perception test done in an office on a computer screen is worth very little. There are no other distractions, you aren't having to deal with multiple inputs.

    Also, re-doing the driving test may not prove anything either. Due to illness my late father was a shocking driver towards the end and no matter how much we tried we couldn't convince him to stop driving. A friend of the family was a driving instructor. We ended up making a deal with my father. If his friend put him through a driving test and he passed he could keep his licence, if he failed he'd hand his licence in. He passed. The driving instructor said that he couldn't technically fault dads driving.
  11. Yes I also have come to think there should be ongoing reviews. In the workplace we accept repetitive mandatory training modules endlessly yet the most dangerous act of the day ie commuting, gets ignored.
    Maybe all drivers / riders should have to show evidence of driver education and a road test prior to licence renewal maybe every 10 years up to age 70 or so then every five years ...
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  12. Agree with all of the above in regard to licence testing.
    I work in an area where 45% of the population is over 55 (30% of that over 65) so I see alot of elderly people drive. Some are ok but there are some that should hand their licence in.
    Just the other day I witnessed a little old lady merging onto the Hume Hwy at a speed of 60km/h. Semis had get out her way and the freight train of cars behind were frustrated and taking risks to overtake. When I came up along side I looked over and she seemed obvious to what was going on around her. People like that should not be on the road
  13. Agreed, the current perception test is not enough. It takes 1 issue at a time.However i think it could be made more effective. Its a complex issue I guess.
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  14. My own anecdotal evidence says that the ability, or inability, of a driver has fcuk all to do with their age, sex or make/model of car.

    Chances are a driver that is useless when they are 70+ was useless when they were 25. And a 25 who is useless at 25 isn't going to be any better at 70..
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  15. to me that sums it all up.....................pity, nobody managed to convince that mini bus driver.........
  16. Quoted for truth !!
  17. OK, in NSW, when you get to 85 (assuming you make it that far) you will get an invite to do a driving and/or riding test.

    The riding test is a slightly easier version of the MOST.

    I dunno what the driving test is, but a tester sits beside the testee in a car and they drive about a bit.

    I also dunno what happens if someone fails the driving, but passes the bike test.....<shrug>

    After 85, every two years, you'll be invited to repeat the whole exercise.

    For the driving test, it can be made to go away, if an 85+ person says the correct "magic words"........
    I don't need a full licence, I only need to get down to the shops.

    They then get issued with a restricted licence with a set distance from their home, that they are allowed to drive.... with no test.

    The distance varies greatly depending on where the person lives.

    So, if you get knocked down and killed by some extremely geriatric car driver, you can take comfort from the fact that he or she had better be within the radius they are allowed to drive. ??????

    I think, but don't know the details, that there is an age, at which a medical certificate is required........ might be 75.
  18. As an aside my wife has had 2 accidents in 12 months , one guy backed into her when he realized he wasn't going to make it across the intersection and the other guy ran up her backside because he wasn't paying attention. Both drivers were under 25. My point being that just because someone has an accident when they are 70 does not mean that age was the determining factor. People are far too quick to apportion blame without knowing the facts sometimes.
    Crap drivers come in all shapes, sizes, colours and ages.
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  19. Aye.

    And the biggest problem is that they bred like fffing rabbits, too.
  20. Yup, it's always easier to breed mongrels than thoroughbreds.
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