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Driver nabbed with radar detector

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by vic, Mar 21, 2008.

  1. Code:
    Driver nabbed with radar detector
    A driver has been fined $1245 after he was caught with an illegal radar detector, police say.
    The 38-year-old man, driving a Holden Monaro, also lost nine points off his licence after he was pulled over by traffic police today in Rozelle, in Sydney's inner-west.
    "Leichhardt Highway Patrol were patrolling Victoria Road, just west of the Anzac Bridge ... when officers using an unmarked car observed a driver allegedly using a radar detector," police said.
    "The modified Holden Monaro was stopped and the driver was spoken to."
    The car was pulled over by police conducting an Easter crackdown on speed and other road safety offences.
    It is illegal to use a speed radar detecting device on the road in most Australian states.

  2. buuger thats gota hurt
  3. How do they know that from "observing"? Did he have a huge satellite dish on the roof? I thought detectors were unobtrusive.
  4. If they pull him over and he's got a radar detector clipped to the sun visor turned on then it's pretty obvious he's using one :roll:
  5. I can't speak with authority about newer radar detectors, but the older ones definitely transmitted a signal of their own which could, in turn, be detected. So the cops had radar detector detectors.
  6. Yes that have RDD technology.. some new RDs are supposed to not 'leak' any waves hence not being detectable.. but they would leak, just not as much - so its a matter of time until RDD can detect the latest batch of RDs..

    Also they don't have to necessarily have RDD, if they suspect x car in front of them has it, they will just use a burst run of their radar (basically activating and turning it off quickly, but its a preset function), and you see the car in front brake the second you turn it on.. pretty obvious :) That confirms suspicion and is enough to pull them over and find it.
  7. Thanks bangalla, phizog, that clears it up. Cheers. :)
  8. And if I have a switched on mobile phone on the dash, doesn't mean I'm using it! Is it illegal to own a RD? How can they prove that he was using it, and not the car behind him?
  9. In Victoria, yes it is.
  10. Yup JD is correct, they don't have to prove you're using it.

    They only have to prove you have one.

    Reasonable suspicion is enough to pull a car over, and if it isn't hidden then the driver will get busted.

    I'm not sure how many city police cars have Radar Detector Detectors, but at least some of the highway patrol cars do.

    It's impossible to build a radar detector without using some sort of oscillator circuit and that will radiate which can in theory be detected. It depends upon the sensitivity of the detecting device and the amount of radiated signal from the radar detector (shielding would reduce but not stop that).
  11. + the report DOESN'T say that this dude might already have a traffic/criminal record, and be known to the Police, and therefore subject to being specifically watched on that basis....
  12. GPS detection device, still working on that :LOL:
  13. But what it does say is
    That's usually more than enough to get the attention of Police.
  14. It wouldn't be anymore difficult in theory to build a GPS detection device than it is to build a radar detector detector.

    The issue isn't technical difficulty it's that RDD possession is against the law and GPS devices aren't.

    So even if they could tell you had a GPS it wouldn't mean they could book you for having it.
  15. exactly, only problem would be if they changed their operating frequencies periodically, or different commands used diff freqs. it has been something i have been looking into. unfortunately im doing anatomy at uni, not electrical engineering. it is a technology utilised in the comercial work place but
  16. Holden Monaro with an RD on board? What do you reckon?

  17. Can any one else see the loophole, build it into a car radio and mp3 player and it is no longer the sole or primary purpose :grin:
  18. i would say the radar wasn't working if he got caught :p