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Driver in whit4weel drive attempt to murder @heelsville 2day

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by imamonsta, Aug 13, 2006.

  1. Today i went through heelsville towards kinglake with some mates about 20 of us, there was this driver that was trying to no let us overtake him in open road no trafic, i had two of my mates in the front of me that nearly got killed by this sick head when they where overtaking him almost on the speed limit, the driver pushed them sterring on the right going completelly in the other lane. he did that for 6 of us one by one, we where lucky overtaking very large otherways the worst would have happened. i got his n/plate QSS624 if any of you guys experienced same please share, this dheads should got to jail in my opinion.

  2. report him to the cops, you have plenty of witnesses, as long as you weren't doing anything illegal yourselves.
  3. I take it from your mention of Heelsville(SP!!!!) that you are in Victoria but are you sure you didn't go to the same school as LordNykon? Reading that post was hard work!
  4. Ditto to Triway's post, in every respect.......
  5. If it's the same Imamorster that joined up in 04, english is not his native tongue,

    Just out of interest how many English Grammer teachers on here ?

    :grin: :grin: :grin:
  6. Re: Driver in whit4weel drive attempt to murder @heelsville

    Coming from behind on the bike...

    I would have pulled over for 15 minutes, had a chat to the boys and then moved out.
    It is totally not worth getting hit by such a person.

    If THEY were harassing from behind:
    Again, pull over and hope they stop behind you and get out of their car so you can calmly explain to them why they are a reckless moron.

    ...oh, and beat the shyte out of them.
  7. :shock: What a psycho!

    Report to the police.
  8. all white 4WD drivers should be banned from the roads... well actually, from life. that's all i have to say.
  9. Re: Driver in whit4weel drive attempt to murder @heelsville

    my thoughts exactly
  10. Ever think that because 2 bikes were "allegedly" involved in the death of a 16 year old car passenger last week-end he was scared for his life & those of his passengers!

    Why push the issue let time heal & the police report come out, or risk your own life!

    As Ktulu said pull over have a smoke shoot the breeze & let everyone continue safe, sound & happy!
  11. I think all people who drive 4WD's should be banned unless the know how to drive them properly! I used to go 4WD'ing on family trips and absolutely loved it... That was years ago...

    Now these nieve, unconfident careless mums in 4WD's have No f'ing idea and cause sooooo many accidents!

    I vote to get them off the road... (*Rant over*) lol

    Anyway back to the subject, "IMAMONSTER" glad you and your mates are ok and still alive... especially around those areas!

    Go to the cops and file a report... You never know, reporting him may just save someone else!
  12. And as soon as he's out the door, the cop shreds the report and that's it. Problem solved. Maybe not every copper will, but I know most of em do.
  13. Here we go again :roll:

    Here is a tip in the event that folk just don't get it.

    Bike, excluding rider ~200kg
    car, excluding driver and passenger 2000kg

    In a fight, the car will win 99.999% of the time.
    Solution = Get the hell out of their way.

    What good is it when you are dead trying to tell the world through a seance that the driver was in the wrong and you were in the right?

    Some drivers get a kick at being able to drive fast through the twisties and just because you are on a bike does not give you the exclusive right to be on that road. Perhaps the driver just straight lined the corners rather than trying to kill you on purpose?
  14. Some peoples native language is NOT English :roll:

    Cheers :cool:
  15. +1
  16. there's a phone number for this type o thing and you rode users SHOULD KNOW THAT!

    i would look it up if i wasnt on line.

    wot happens is, you report bad behaviour, then, the next time they get a ticket and try to talk their way out of it the judge has all the reports from the public to help him/her make a decision.

    its NOT 131 100....its another separate numba.
  17. The report to the police was done straight away as one of our fellow riders is a cop himself so when he got there a bit later we explained the situation and he is gone lodge the claim today. Thank you guys for duiscussing this accident, open your eyes and overtake large because there is a lot like this dhead on the streets.
    sorry for my english. thx 4explaining dazza, helina..
  18. :WStupid: (sorry Vic but I've wanted to use that smilie for ages)

    Strangely enough some drivers treat the spurs like a playground for themselves and strangely enough so do some riders so we've all got to learn to live together and drive/ride responsibly on the good roads or they'll be taken off us.
  19. i may be new round here but i feel as usual i need to defend the 4wheel driving comunity. we arnt all red neck soccer mums that dont respect others but i do agree we do need to get these types off our roads there is a solution ban the mother loving suv's but keep the true 4x4 people who actualy use there 4x4's where there ment to be
  20. I don't see what can reasonably be donw without people going "But that's not fair!" or having people lie or whatever.

    The price of petrol may stop these horrid soccer mums, but we'll have to wait and see.