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Driver guilty of 50th unlicenced driving charge

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by jd, Oct 18, 2005.

  1. Full Story
    Caught driving 50 times previously without a licence (never held a licence) - sentenced to 8 months jail (to be served cumulatively with current sentence), a $1000 fine and a four year licence disqualification. The legal system at work folks :roll: .

  2. Caught 50 times?

    They should just give him a license.

    He's done more practice than most learners!
  3. At least he hasn't killed anyone, so it takes 50 times before they finally stop him. Whats a great system we have.....NOT
  4. What does it take for them to say "sorry but you are never getting a licence and if we find you driving anything bigger than a pushbike then you go to goal for ever"????
  5. So this goose is a local, and is dealt with in local Magistrate's Court. Sorry, nothing against Ballarat, but repeat offenders like this ought to be dealt with at a city court, or at least a seemingly neutral venue. There's just too much chance for local relationships, loyalties, etc, to impinge on the judgment.

    His punishment should be to have to sweep the streets in Ballarat for two years and watch everyone else drive by!
  6. Be better if he was sentenced to 2 years community service - as a speedhump.
  7. Gotta be 2 years as a speed camera, at least then that would cover the court costs, actually they would be able to build a new court. :LOL: :LOL:
  8. This guy's a class act, isn't he? :evil:
  9. Bugger the driving offences, I'd have him up for child neglect and conduct endangering life for having an unrestrained 3 month old in the car while doing 139km/h.
  10. druggies are selfish
  11. So you should send all you city criminals up here to be tried then... by your 'logic'.

    Bloody silly idea...
  12. No, I didn't suggest reciprocal arrangements or any such thing.

    I suggested that if this goose has been getting softer treatment by local magistrates, then he should be/have been tried by an obviously impartial court away from his home area.

    And it was not a parochial comment, as you acknowledged by including my 'Ballarat' disclaimer in your quote. Same rules should be brought to bear if he was in Goulburn and the local beak was giving him an easier time.