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VIC Driver fined for emptying water bottle

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by mjt57, Feb 24, 2012.

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  1. Briefly, a truckie who emptied a warm water bottle onto the road whilst stopped at the lights was fined for littering.

    More here...

    It's good to know that the police are tackling the serious issues that we face every day, while paedophiles and other criminals get to walk free amongst us.
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  2. Wtf!!!!!!!
  3. Meanwhile, smokers throw their crap out of the car without issue.
  4. pathetic
  5. I had a mate who was fined for this once. Problem was, he didn't smoke. Some police officer doing their gardening in their front lawn said they saw him throw a cigarette but out his window. He took it to court etc to fight it. Cost him time off work (self employed, so, a days wages) etc, but, there was just no way he was going to put up with the fine. Can't recall if he got off or not.
  6. What stupid policing.

    Classic shoot first, ask questions later mentality from a brainless autonamaton, whch gives all coppers a bad rap in the process. Why the f'ck don't they screen these pencil dick pedantic sort of idiots out of recruiting process?
  7. I'm sure anyone would be annoyed if someone sprayed water on them intentionally.. I don't see the relevance to the article myself.
  8. There's more to this than the Hun (or the driver) is telling us, I suspect.
  9. surely not from such a paragon of ethical reporting.......
  10. Take note, we are now in a country where you are guilty unless proved innocent. If they were competent officers they could have got him on illegal disposal of radioactive waste. "How do we know it's not radioactive waste?"

    (assuming the trucky is telling the truth, which may be a long assumption)
  11. smilee, how many times have we heard the line about cops "sure" of offences that we've committed in the past when they ping people for shit that they haven't done, as a justification for their unethical behavior.
  12. You go to court on a trumped up charge with 20 witnesses to say you were innocent of the offence, the fucking magistrate will still believe the cop as he is on their side,

    And your still guilty,

    Thats why the cops can book you for any fictitious charge, they know it will stick, and they get away with it every fucking time,
  13. they still have to prove it was not water.
  14. You have obviously never heard the stories about magistrate Pat O'Shane. Never has been on the side of the police, in fact, she is quite the opposite.

  15. Exactly right, they have to prove the guy was guilty of the infringement.
  16. Is this infringement the same as a speeding one? I forget what they call it, but it's along the lines of assumption of guilt unless you can prove innocence.
  17. Perversion of justice?
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  18. i would not want to be in the policemans shoes when he wastes a magistrates time with this
  19. Id offer to pay the fine if Vicpol can first collect all the molecules that were in that bottle.

    Thatll keep'em busy for a while.
  20. I want to "thank" this post repeatedly.
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