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Driver done by net brag

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by jubuntu, Feb 21, 2007.

  1. Cop a load of this dickhead.




    MAURICE John has learned a useful lesson — don't sing when you get a canary.

    The car-crazy 22-year-old from St Albans collected a police "major defect notice" in South Yarra that deemed his Nissan 200 SX convertible unroadworthy. The yellow notice — known as a "canary" — was stuck to his windscreen by Acting Sergeant James Robbins of the Stonnington traffic management unit.

    John got pinged for two bald tyres at 11pm on August 12 last year at a roadblock in Chapel Street, but Acting Sergeant Robbins generously gave him an hour to get home rather than have his car towed away.

    John stupidly didn't take up the chance, choosing instead to drive on and party on.

    Unbeknown to police, John was a disqualified probationary driver who gave a false name.

    Two days later, under his user-name MR-GTIR/S15, John shared his Saturday night experience with users of the nissansilvia.com car club internet chat room and boasted of his getaway.

    He wrote: "Saturday night, cruising through Chaps looking for a car park so I can go 2 Chasers! The usual cops that are always kickin back in front of Chasers/KFC, wasting taxpayers money … "I got done for having 2 semi-racing slicks on the back which were a little bit bald! Motherf---ers. It was 11pm. The officer gave me till midnight to get the car home or it would have to be towed! I tried negotiating with him 2 let me drive it tomorrow, but didn't happen.

    "Anyways they let me go. I was more pissed off that I had 2 go home & get another car when Im in front of my destination.

    "So, instead I go around the block & park in the multi-level car park behind KFC … Walked straight in and rocked all night!"

    John signed off by revealing that he peeled off the notice and "then busted home!"

    It was revealed yesterday in Melbourne Magistrates Court that among the visitors to the chat room was the diligent Acting Sergeant Robbins, who regularly scans such sites as part of the unit's investigative work.

    When John pleaded guilty to five offences — including two charges of driving while disqualified — his lawyer Tony Danos said Acting Sergeant Robbins recognised his client "as the one he pulled up the night before".

    Mr Danos said John should have known better, but decided to "have an evening out and boast about it on the website, which brought him undone".

    Magistrate Angela Bolger said driving while disqualified was regarded as a contempt of the law and a prison sentence was mandatory for a second offence.

    John was jailed for one month, the term suspended for 12 months, fined $400 and had his licence cancelled for a year.

    "We all await with interest the posting tonight on the web," Ms Bolger commented.

    John, who regards himself as a "spirited driver" rather than a hoon, later told The Age he was "shattered".

    "There's a lot of people who will say bad luck, but (Acting Sergeant Robbins) got me off the road so, well done, he caught me," he said.

    Acting Sergeant Robbins told The Age the unit monitored car club websites as an intelligence-gathering exercise to follow car modifications, user conversations and to "monitor specific individuals".
  2. I guess people should watch how much info they put in “The Garage".....im guessing they would also be watching this place like they did on them forums too :shock:
  3. Sucked in if you ask me!
  4. To all those who laughed when it was suggested the law didn't bother looking at forums all I can say is :p

    Dumb ass peasant goat herd morons. Unfortunate that they perpetuate the stereotype that comes with being from St Albans.

    Sad thing is that none of the other d*ckheads will get the message
  6. What else would you expect from a Silvia driver? :roll:

    Regards, Andrew.
  7. Silvia....isn't that a girls name?
    Could be worse. Could be a ........fairlady ehemm I mean 300zx :grin:
  8. :biker: Hello Officer :grin:

    Say hello to the nice policemen folks.
  9. Heheh, that reminds me of the other day, when I was driving that stolen car with fake number plates, and a cop pulled me over to defect me and after giving him a false name and address I just peeled the sticker off, changed the plates on the car and continued on with my hooning, burnouts, high speed driving and general shenenigans....


  10. Yeah, then they could get him for 'Driving a 300ZX without a boat-license' :p

    /they don't handle that well
  11. Okay :butt:
  12. This is the only hello the nice policemen will get from me.. fing07.
  13. As endearing as those two emoticons are, might I suggest a sincere smile and a "Good afternoon, officer" instead - if either of you are pulled over on the highway...[?] ;)
  14. i don't see a problem given we're all good law-abiding folk here :grin: