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Driver crashes into a parked car, gets away with it

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by kittiminx, Sep 19, 2008.

  1. Had an eventful night - at 2.30 am I wake up to an almighty crash out front. I peek out the window and there's a guy trying to get his car off the gutter after hitting a parked car, he's talking on his mobile the whole time :shock:

    After about 5 minutes of maneuvering, get the car off the gutter and does a high speed u turn, nearly hits another parked car, then attempts to get into a very large space, takes waaay too long. eventually leaves it hanging half out of the park and goes to the next block of flats and tries to buzz up. No answer, so he comes back to the car and drives off erratically down the street at high speed, (car squealing), by this time i've called the police as i'm thinking this guy is going to hit something else. (along with half the street i think, 3 cars eventually turn up and a few people have come out in their pj's) Before the police turn up, he comes back and does another high speed u turn, nearly takes out another car, (just clips the bumper bar) and parks again. By this time he's woken his mate up, and goes upstairs about 3 minutes before the cops turn up.

    The cops talk to a few neighbors, and look at the damaged cars but don't buzz the flat he's in. I went down to talk to them, turns out they can't do anything unless they catch him driving the car. They leave after saying call them if he comes back to the car. About 1 minute later, a taxi turns up and he leaves at 2.59 am.

    He came back with a couple of mates this morning (in two cars), they pick up some stuff out of the car and then go up to number 14 again, then drive off. I'd called the police as soon as they turned up, but they left before the police arrive again. The officer asked me a few questions about what car they left in, but seems like nothing is going to happen to the guy.

    I imagine the parked cars can claim on their insurance, but does anyone think the police will try to find the guy who was driving? I gave a description and told them the taxi number he left in. (and obviously they have the rego of the car he was driving, as it's still out the front.)
    I can't believe the police didn't try and talk to the guy when he was in the flats, even if they can't prove he was driving, there were several witnesses to the incident. I'm just glad i decided to park out the back for a change last night - it's the first time in months i haven't left the car on the street, good coincidence.

  2. WTF? The numerous eye witnesses dont count for sh!t?
  3. Those cops are going to be in a lot of trouble when the owners of the damaged cars complain to their superior that they failed to follow up the culprit leaving the scene of the accident without exchanging details. It seems that they were only thinking about the drink/drug driving charge.

    Hopefully you can give the victims some details and a statement?

    Actually I had a similar thing happen to me some years ago. Culprit did a runner, police refused to even attend despite the fact that there was a fresh trail of coolant all the way from the scene to the d!ckhead's house 200m away. Fortunately for me the insurance company accepted my evidence and paid out (twice the real value!) without loss of no claim bonus. Win!
  4. You would have thought. But my dad got beaten up in his own house a few months back. We know the guy, so identification isn't an issue. Turns out that that's not enough to get the police interested.
  5. This is my thought too - seemed like they were only interested in catching him while driving to pin a drink/drug charge on him.

    I'm not sure who the damaged cars belonged to, they've been moved this morning (perhaps it was just cosmetic damage, and they have gone to work) If i see the cars again, i'll put a note under the wipers saying i'll provide a witness statement if it helps with insurance. I just can't believe how little the police seem to be able to do about this kind of thing. (or maybe it's just they don't want to waste the time - like mrtwrx said)
  6. Whoa.

    So this guy's tyres get slashed every weekend, right?
  7. On the off chance the guy has insurance, his insurance company will not pay for the damage if they find out he was driving over the legal BAC. It sounds to me as if the cops did your neighbours a favour. They have the rego number so if they're smart, they will claim on the damage and keep their mouths shut regarding any possible drink driving. :)