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Driver backrests?

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by Randall, Mar 30, 2013.

  1. Ive probably gone off half ready. Ive gone and made an impulse purchase from custom cruisers in the states. Ive ordered a solo backrest that mounts on the rear mudgaurd without reallybresearching the equipment.
    (A vice I dont seem to be able to control)
    Was wondering if other riders had any reviews or opinions about the concept of a drivers backrest? Any opinions, good or bad would be appreciated.
    I hope my obsession with xvs bling hasnt made me purchase a product that has no real use.



  2. The couple of bikes I've tried with them fitted were way more comfortable than without, but they're not for me as I like to move around the saddle a fair bit and the back rest limits my movement.
  3. Never tried one but apparently the bloke who had my bike before me did because there's one in the box of spare parts I got with the bike. I might throw it on there one day and see what it's like.
  4. Yeah, I`ve got mixed opinions from 3 people that I`ve asked...two were all for em. They do limit movement though, understand what your sayin 109er about this. I like to move around a bit too....but the lure of being able to lock into a cumfy bucket like set interests me and I MUST investigate. I was told by someone before me that if you get a good quality solo seat backrest, you can set them up via adjustments. This is the type I have purchased. 3" horizontal and vertical. The leather backrest is larger and curved. When I receive it and installed/riden with it I`ll whack up a few photos.


  5. I can see it being great for longer rides or touring. I have used my sleeping bag or gear as a backrest on longer rides. I reckon a proper backrest would be better though.
  6. It`ll be a trade off for me as I like to carry a backpack with my stuff with me whenever I go for a ride. The backsupport may put an end to this. I do have a backup round leather toolbag I could fix to the rear of the backrest hardware....now that would look cool and be functional. I wonder if its been done?
  7. Heres a couple 0f happy snaps after I received the backrest just recently. All installed, adjusted and tested. I have a couple of riding options with this specific backrest, one in the tilted back position if I want to move around, and one in correct position supporting lower back. Test ride was good. Feels super comfy. I can flip it back under way if I want to move around a bit. Only down side is that to get this particular backrest, I had to drill 4 x 6.5mm holes in the mudgaurd. Small price to pay really.
    These backrests have passed the intial test ride...(20 klicks) Need to take it on a longer run to really see how they perform. So far, my back loves it!! IMG_1385.JPG IMG_1386.JPG IMG_1388.JPG IMG_1389.JPG
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  8. Looks like a high quality bit of kit mate!

    Don't know how keen i'd be to drill extra holes in my guards for the sake of one, but it certainly looks the goods mate.

  9. Nice looking back rest. I have had one on my vstar since I got it, and now can't ride without it. Mine is the povity pack one that bolts into the existing seat bracket and isn't adjustable, but its a great feeling knowing its there.I reacon you'll enjoy riding a lot more with it.
  10. Addict....yeah it was a tough decision to do this but 4 x rubber gromets will do nicely to plug the holes. I`ve had a brain snap and ordered the chromed billet solo rack that was designed to bolt on to the existing bolt holes for the pillion seat. The Solo backrest bolts on to this. They look pretty good, but bloody expensive. Oh well.

    Hotrod...yep, I love it already!! Did about 300 klicks so far with it and I have it positioned just right now. Takes a bit of riding to find the sweet spot but its found now and is pretty good. I like being slammed back into it on fast acceleration. It also takes a bit of getting used to in the cornering department. I`ve found if you lock yourself into the backrest in a roundabout situation, it can be quite fun but you can respond quicker to change if your leaning into the corner leaning forward slightly. Its all good.

    Also found in general that I can ride for much longer distances now. Its quite comfortable.