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DriveClub Bikes - Computer Game

Discussion in 'Gaming' at netrider.net.au started by Jaytee, Oct 29, 2015.


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  2. Yep...I'll be getting this. Am a big big fan of Drive Club once they sorted out the issues.

    The Crew is also about to introduce motorcycles......saw a H2 in the ad-on ad.
  3. For anyone who is interested......

    I picked up this expansion over the weekend for a bit of fun. It is around the 12gb mark so beware.....I had a couple hours to myself on Sunday and thought "Great I'll give this a shot", pretty much when it finished downloading my family returned. But I did play for far too long last night.

    Before we go too far I should say I'm a big DriveCub fan. I only got the game last Xmas after all the issues had been ironed out, so I never felt the frustration with this game. The core game these days really is one of the best racers I've played. There isn't another game other than the early V8 supercar games that elicit the same adrenaline when I'm playing.

    NOTE: Real men play racing games in manual.

    So back to the bikes part. Downloaded it, fired it up and was greeted with a nice new R1 in my first tour race.

    Those who are familiar with Driveclub will know car races are broken down in the tour mode into various types of races, in bikes you've got the choice of:

    - Standard race (pretty obvious what this is yeah?)
    - Time trial (Same.....pretty obvious)
    - Stunt (This is where you're asked to pull stoppies in certain areas, wheelies in others and set speed records etc. You get award fame etc for doing each trick and different medals are awarded depending on how well you went. This is the 'drift' equivalent for bikes)

    So far I've pumped through a few of the Tour sections but it's getting hard again pretty quickly as I haven't played for a while.

    Handling: As with any motorcycle game the handling is a bit suspect. It's a little arcadey, no separate rear brake etc. But the turning feels good and it's quite easy to rip through the hedges in high speed. In saying this.......I bought this game pretty much so I can pretend to be an IOM TT racer. :)

    Oh....there is a sweet first person view of either the front screen or inside a helmet. Though the helmet doesn't stay level enough for me to be realistic.

    Graphics are fantastic. Seriously, this is one of the best racing games around.

    The sound is good with the 4 different bikes I've ridden so far each having a unique sound. The Ducati rumbled while the ZX-10R screamed etc. There seems to be a half decent selection of bikes but you need to unlock them with experience etc.

    Anyway..........to sum it up. Compared to RIDE, this is an easy winner. Compared to MotoGP, well I can't.....as I haven't bought MotoGP yet (waiting for it to drop in price from the absurd $100 it currently is).

    This game excels in offering you a sense of speed above all else. While playing this game I'm pretty much Guy Martin.
  4. Ok so I've progressed a bit now and just opened up the MV Augusta.....it's awesome.

    Soon to be unlocked is the H2 and R1M.

    Also.......yesterday a new DLC pack advertisement rocked up for Driveclub bikes in the game. There is a dedicated dlc for EBR...........awwwwww yeah I'll have me some of that.