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Discussion in 'The Pub' started by PatB, Feb 2, 2011.

  1. Anybody else see this on ABC the other night?

    Anybody else think it was actually a bit rubbish and more an exercise in nice, middle-class film and media students having a gawp at the mouthbreathers than anything resembling serious analysis or social comment?
  2. What was it about?
  3. Young men taking risks, principally with cars, although there were some interviews with younger kids as well. Filmed in Tassie.

    I thought it might have gone better if the makers had managed to find a few more interviewees who didn't reinforce all the stereotypes about rural Tasmanians.
  4. I meant to watch that, the brief seemed good... Worth a watch?
  5. No.

    Ten Characters.
  6. Righto, happy I didn't waste my time.
  7. young men taking risks? Oh wow groud breaking there, this things been happening since forever. These so called journalists should quit their day job and star working flipping burgers, this is why I hate Australian news media so much.....nothing but recycled garbage.
  8. If young men didn't take risks, the armed forces would be very small!
  9. To be fair, in spite of what the trailers made out, it wasn't really trying to be journalism, although I suppose there was an air of ACA/TT/60 Minutes about the general style.

    Quite honestly, I don't really know what it was trying to be or do apart from self indulgent wankery on the part of the filmmakers and an opportunity for toothless, no-account inbreds to get their faces on TV.

    I think I want my 8c a day back if this is the best the ABC can find to broadcast.
  10. I wonder if there is any truth in the advertising line they used, that motor accidents are the no.1 killer of young Australian males?
    I would have doubted that.
  11. Jesus that first guy, what a dude!
  12. Actually, I suspect it's accurate, but not necessarily for the reasons that the safety authorities would like you to accept without question.

    Thing is, if you survive long enough to legally drive, that means you've missed out on all the things that tend to kill young children (which, in themselves, are much less common now than they were) like birht defects, communicable diseases and the myriad childhood cancers. However, until you hit maybe 40, you're unlikely to keel over from a heart attack or a stroke, you're not in the age group that's at high risk of the cancers that affect the old and, unless you've been very unlucky or extreme, the various lifestyle diseases won't have taken hold.

    So what does that leave as a cause of death? Not much really. Accidents mostly, and, as driving/riding is pretty much universal and as doing so is the most risky activity that most western males indulge in (yes, even if they're not hoons), the result is pretty much inevitable. Hardly a shocking revelation.

    Yes, the tendency of young men to take risks obviously will have some effect, but it's not hard for road trauma to be number one killer when there is, in present day Australia, bugger all else likely to kill you between the ages of 18 and 25.
  13. Don't be so hard on them Pat, they now have 4 channels to fill!
  14. Note that the crash was, emphatically, not his fault but that of whoever had sprayed gravel on the road. Fact that he was so fast and so crossed up when he hit it had nothing to do with it :roll:.
  15. Can't they just buy in some more British detective shows? I don't mind those :D.
  16. Ah, Poirot! Now there's a worthwhile Televisual show!
  17. haha,

    'Fckn 120 round the corner, full lock...'

    yeah good luck to you mate,

    'had bout 300 cars, smashed every one of em!'
  18. I heard beat boxing in the first 2 minutes, enough said. Really indicative of all young men :roll:
  19. I had it open in another browser tab and when the beat boxing came on, I thought something was getting raped.