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VIC Drive thru on a motorcycle?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by mechanism, Apr 1, 2012.

  1. I'm new to this whole thing, but i like to pick up my odd Red Rooster or some garbage on my way home from work when I stay back late and can't be bothered cooking.

    Can I Ride Thru?

    I am curious because you cant wear a helmet into a shop, so I would imagine you cant wear one at the drive thru window.... although i suppose the cameras get the licence plate...

    does anyone do this? is it weird?
  2. sorry if this is the wrong place for this question... but i think its a law thing?
  3. its fine if you can manage to do it with out messing up your food or yourself.
  4. i would try but i doubt the person could hear me over my bike! I'd that to kill the engine and "push" thru...
  5. Dunno how it is down in Vic (or even anywhere else apart from newcastle, actually), but here, you HAVE to be on a Bike, or in a car to access the "24 hour" stores: as it's usually Drive-thru only, and "for OHS reasons' they can only server REGISTERED vehicles.

    I just have a backpack, lined with a small carboard Box, for the stuff to sit in: KfC boxes, particualarly are flimsy, and having a proper Box in bag helps when/if there there is spillage, too :D

    I take my time, at the window: Or even turn off bike, and push, once get into the line: depends on the situation: the point is: take your time, and do it safely.
  6. I do it all the time...however some times the sensors don't pick you up when it comes to order, so you ride to the next window and the person at the counter just freaks out. The looks you get from people sitting in drive through is pretty funny. Also get a bottle/can drink...unless you have a cup holder installed.

    By the way, BWS drive through make you take your helmet off even in the express lane...and rightly so, trying to fit a slab of beer on the bike was a bit of a communal Tetris event for staff, some by standers and myself. (note this is on a Suzuki Across, with plentiful boot space and some cargo pants pockets...we managed :D)
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  7. I've got Maccas at the drive through whilst on the bike before.

    I was on a bucks night years ago & we hired a bus for the night.
    some of us got a bit peckish & decided to have some Maccas.
    The 24hr Maccas was drive through only after 10.30.
    The bus wouldn't fit through & the bastards wouldn't serve us at the window even though we had the bus parked just outside them, blocking their view of anything else!!
    And before you all ask, no, we weren't 'that' pissed!
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  8. LOL @phongus

    Red rooster have bottles and cans, but i think Maccas would have to go without the drink. I went to KFC the other night but parked the bike and walked in cos i wasn't sure. tied the handles of the plastic bag together and threw it in my bag. no problemsa with that part.

    Thanks I can now comfortably go through drive thru after this. I wonder if anyone has done any motorcycle coning clips on youtube?? LOL
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  10. they don't ask you to remove your helmet and you don't have to.
    plus it would be illegal to remove your helmet.
    that includes the bottle shop

    and it's the real rerason why servos don't like you sitting on your bike while filling the tank.
    because then they can't make you remove your helmet
  11. i work at kfc and have had bikes come through(i think it brightens up my work evening) i don't think anyone minds just make sure we can hear you :)
  12. How do you mess up Macca's????

    The shit doesn't even decompose after 6 months, what can you do to it????

  13. In fact in a Bottle shop we can ask you to remove your Helmet, if I need to get proof of age, and if you refuse I won't serve you. I get quite a few motorcyclists come through the Bottle shop I work at because I'm one of the only guys in town who is happy to let them come in with it on. but if I get someone new, I don't know or I can't verify there age, I ask them for the 1st time just to remove the helmet so I can get a look at there Face, but once I know the Bike and the guy/girl behind the Helmet I don't worry about it. I can't/don't speak for other staff, but seeing I work every Friday, Sat and Sunday, I'm there when most of the Regulars come through.

    Under the Liquor licensing laws we can ask you to remove Hat's, Helmets, Sunglasses, Etc so we can get a clear and unobstructed view of your face for age verification. If you refuse to remove them we refuse service.

    If I get your age wrong and serve someone underage I risk a $6500 fine, the Boss as the Licensee gets a $13000.

    please note: I am speaking on my own behalf here, not as a representative of BWS, Woolworths or Liquor Licensing
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  14. Yes you can, though I know I had to turn my Duc off....ventilated clutch cover 50cm from the speaker box was a little hard for them ;) I also pulled my helmet down a bit so my mouth wasn't covered (like if you do a breath test). Bottle water travels well, as do sundaes in the smallest bag folded or scrumpled down.

  15. I used to get drive through on my scooter. Top box made it easy as long as I remembered to separate that key from the one which has to stay in the ignition. Not so easy on the cruiser with saddle bags, but not too bad either.

    As for carrying a carton of beer, sorry folks; the scooter has it all over our 'real' bikes. My Mio100 fit a slab perfectly in the foot well, and the tread kept it from mooving. Pulling the pillion pegs out not oly gave me a new spot for my feet, but an awesome leant forward racing stance :)
  16. @lil thanks I just learned a new word. "Scrumpled" :)
  17. Aren't drive thru's why Harley's have cup holders? Did I miss something here?
  18. I've done it, but they can't hear you over the bike, then when I turned it off and pushed it up, they couldn't hear me through my helmet. I just park nearby and walk up to the window, the KFC on the westgate doesn't have any signs about having to be on a vehicle like Maccas does
  19. you can ask. and you can refuse service to anyone at your discretion.
    but legally i am not allowed to ride a motorcycle without a helmet. 10 demerit points.
    unless i have "parked" my motorcycle . and the dictionary defines parking a vehicle as temorarlily leaving it. and the courts refer to the definition in the dictionary.
    so if i'm sitting on my mortorcycle in the drive through, i have to wear a helmet by law.
    same deal any drive through service.
    same deal being breath tested.
  20. Before i got a flip faced helmet, when i went through rbt.. myself and other motorcyclists had to take their helmet off to do the test/see your face.
    and the bikes only in neutral but still running, and it was the cop who said take it off.. didn't get a fine obviously.. the drive thru thing is different imo.
    if a cop says take the helmet off you take it off no?
    now i have a flip faced helmet, where i can just lift it up and not have to take my gloves off etc..

    on the subject of maccas n shit.. i haven't been through on my bike.. i just go inside, didn't think you were aloud to.