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drive thru on a bike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by benjamin78au, May 6, 2009.

  1. Yeha , just had the bike 2 months, and normaly for take away i just pull up and go in side, but curious do people go thru drive thrus. I normaly have a back pack to put it all in .

    Did search but couldn't find the answer.
  2. I'm pretty sure every Across owner on the planet does drive-thru. :LOL:

    Folks with tankbags might give it a shot... never tried it myself.

    I noticed that McDonalds now has stickers/signs in drive-thru that say words to the effect of, "Due to safety requirements we can only serve people in a car/truck/whatever or on a motorcycle".
  3. When I worked nightshift I used to do it all the time because KFC was the only thing open near my work.
  4. Yeah a mate n I have done the KFC drive-through once before...got some weird looks from the staff and we could hardly stop laughing! :D
  5. go for it mate. i've done the Macca's drive through heaps on the bike. usually just loosen the jacket and shove the bag down there, the chips and burger can a bit hot on the old chest. avoid the upsize on the coke though, that's never gonna end well.
    i don't think the staff could care less, the moneys the same weather it come from a driver or a rider...
  6. is it the same edicate eg take helmet off ?
  7. etiquette?

    Yes it is. You must also take off your gloves, jacket & pants as well.
  8. You don't need to remove your helmet.

    Mates of mine years ago had a front door and rear door of an old car, they walked through the drive through holding the doors and making car noises.
    The reactions were priceless.
  9. I've done drive through maccas and KFC as well as BWS drive throughs...reactions are awesome at times.

    phong =P~
  10. Now I'm confused ... Does this mean I should or shouldn't install a cup holder and fold down picnic table on the new street triple ??
  11. dont forget the hayman reece tow bar toilet ;)
    i was going to do that this arvo but the que was a bit long and i really dident want to split through the drive thru.. so i walked in.
  12. i've always thought you co0uld make a fortune by installing cappucini holders and coffee house gps's on scooters so they never have to get off their pride and joy's, just drive to the next cafe
  13. I used to go through Doncaster Mcdonalds until i got banned.

    The moron that works there refuses to serve me because I'm on a bike, but the sign clearly states that they can serve people that are on a motorbike. So i have to take the car to get Take away.

    Just means Red Rooter gets more business from me these days :)
  14. McDonalds have a no vehicle, no service policy for drive through.
    Briens Rd maccas in Northmead, Sydney have 24 drive through, but the restaurant area is closed.

    Imagine walking there, then being told, "No, we can't serve you."


    "You don't have a vehicle."

    "What difference does that make? We're just ordering food from here, we have money, and you are still open for the business of selling food."

    "We just can't. It's a policy thing."

    So obviously we walked back home, and then someone hopped in their car to drive back to maccas with 4 people crammed into the boot... of course we were all completely drunk, and tried to do the right thing by walking there, but maccas didn't want to play ball with responsible members of the community. We had to break the law to get served.
  15. Actually, you shouldn't remove your helmet if you have the keys in the barrel as it's against the law. Apparently that's a new law, but I haven't seen anything in writing yet.

  16. That's just begging for a convoy of bikes to go through now. :LOL:
  17. Flip front helmet, tuck the bag in the jacket, and a cunningly placed ziptie for a drink holder that just looks like a factory tie when not in use?

  18. Imagine if the L Plater's Night ride just happened to decide to head there :LOL:
  19. What a tool. I'd seriously ring the head office and ask why you are consitently being discriminated against. And was it McDonalds policy to act in such a way against motorcyclists. Ask to speak with Catriona Noble - a quick google search suggests this is the new MD appointined in 08 so should be still there. You will go through to a PA, but insist the MD call you back, unless they of course feel they are above talking to customers - ah yeah, i have spoken to a few MD's/or directors in my time when i feel there company has p!ssed me off.

    Yeah i get i am a complete c*&t of a customer at times when employees are morons - but i am honestly a really nice guy & decent tipper at restratuants when they have a clue. And have an hour each way to work to waste in the car, so can deal with trival matters when they urk me.

    Drive thru on a bike is all cool untill you take your hand off the clutch forgetting your in first as your leaning over to the window and the bike lurches foward and rather than stalling starts bucking forward.

    Even more stupid is your attempt to save the bike with a quick lunge of the left hand to the bar whilsts holding the bag full of goodies and drink clasped by your 3 remaining fingers...

    The whole scene looks like a wet t shirt rodeo competition...


    Drive through on you first day of Ps is all cool and fun untill you stall on take off from the window and in a panic keep stalling the car as it bunny hops through the exit as you dont realise you have the handbrake on. Insert laughter of local hotties and general town folk that just happen to be crossing in front of me.....

    What is it with me and Cheesburgers that make me lose my mind!