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Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Dugite, Apr 25, 2006.

  1. Hi

    I have seen a few posts on another forum with some not so good reports on Dririder jackets, which is a bit of a worry as i just ordered one to arrive with my new bike. Just wondering if i should try to cancel the order if so can anyone recommend a good brand?

    Regards Dave
  2. I had an old one which lasted quite few years.

    A friend said new ones were not up to same standard.

  3. I have owned a light blue Four Seasons Dririder for 11 years and it's been great - nice, warm when needed and dry. It has a detachable inner liner which can be worn as jumper on it's own, or left out for the warmer months. Like Rev, I've had a good run with mine. I don't use it much now I'm living in Vic, prefer leather so it's still in good nick. Would consider selling it if someone really wanted it...
  4. I noticed today, that the stiching has started to come undone at the end of my thumbs on my Dririder gloves. After 5 yrs of solid use in all sorts of conditions, I'd call that more than fair. :)
  5. couldn't sell mine, as in shitty condition.

    would like a new one, but have thought of the lesser quality now offered.

    Interesting to hear what others wear.

  6. Ive got a dririder rallycross, its great.
    I've worn it in a few downpours....not one leak!
    the only drama I have is Im female..and its not a snug fit,,,making the arms a tad long and the armour reaches my wrist, makes putting my winter gloves on difficult. Other than that, I love it.
  7. I bought mine when I was about 75kg in weight, my partner who is 55-odd kilo wore it for ages, it also doubles as my pillion jacket if needed. Arms are a bit long for females, that's true - having said that it's served me well and is still in great nick!
  8. My (2000 model) Dririder Alpine jacket has served me well for the last 5 years riding most days, rain, hail or shine.
    Only recently has it leaked water despite regular washing and reproofing (Nik-wax is brilliant) and partly due to all the velcro and zip closures failing.

    Its been replaced with a Summit 2 which is much warmer when wet, but probably not as much in the dry due the absence of the built in neck sock.

    My Summit pants are good. Make sure you buy one size larger than you think you need (especially if tall) so seams arent stressed and keep them clean. All breathable waterproof clothing needs the membrane kept clean and the outer fabric water repellent to function.
    This seems to be one of the main reasons people have trouble with this gear.

    I use Sidi waterproof boots and they are OK but like most footwear of this type, they tend to wear through the inner waterproof mebrane where your feet rub most - at the heal and toes, and so leaks start in these areas.

    I needed new gloves and Dririder Highlanders were reccommended by BikeMart as they have rubber visor wipers and a comprehensive closure system. I raised concerns at the time regarding the ability to tuck these under the jacket sleeve (as I usually do) and was told these work on the outside (they dont fit under the sleeve).

    They dont! As soon as you slow down the water runs (pours) into the glove making it cold, wet and uncomfortable. This is the only time I have been let down by advice from BikeMart and they are challenging my claim that I have been sold goods "not fit for pupose". At $80 I expect better.
  9. I have a summit (not summit 2) and it seems OK.
    Some domes have come off, but everthing else seems OK and it keeps me warm and dry (which is why I bought it!)

    I can't say the same dor dririder pants and boots though. They started leaking preety soon after buying them and support from dririder was good to start with but has become blasie (sp?) as soon as the problem returned.