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VIC Dririder Waterproof boots

Discussion in 'Free To Good Home' started by oz650r, Sep 16, 2010.

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  1. I have a pair of Dririder three element protection boots to give away. They are size 44 Euro or 9.5 UK. They are about 5 years old but have not been used for about 4 years. I think you can still buy this model of boot. There is a scuff mark on the right boot heal where the PU coating has come off the leather that looks worse in the pics than it is.

    Theses boots are PICK UP ONLY I live in the western suburbs (Melton) and I would prefer them to go to some one with limited funds rather than some one that just wants them because they are free.

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  2. I just want them because they're free. If you don't find anyone someone with limited funds then box them up, PM me and I'll get a courier to pick them up from your work or something.
  3. Just the item i am missing Boots, sadly though i wear an 11.5 so will be stuck using my steel capped work boots for a while longer .
  4. If you were on the Eastern side of the city I'd take 'em off ya hands..'erm feet.
    It just so happens that I'm in need and a size 9.5 off the shelf sorta guy..but Melton is a bit of a hike.
  5. wow perfect size for me, i'll go backup.
  6. Bet you the fuel would be cheaper than buying them.
  7. true that..it's finding the time to make the round trip..plus I'm more of a pilot than a navigator..I'd probably end up in Bendigo.
  8. Bah shame you didn't have a size 45. I literally bought the exact same boots 2 weeks ago and they're a size too small.
  9. Boots picked up tonight.
  10. Hah! I need to replace my own pair of these but I need a 46.
    I am in Melton though :p
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.