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Dririder Voyager Tank Bag

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by cookeetree, Nov 23, 2007.

  1. I'm in the market for a tank bag and currently have my eye on one of these:


    Does anyone have any experience with one that they can share? I really like the design of this bag, with it's two-bags-in-one system (the 22L bag can be zipped off, leaving a handy 9L bag).

    Any other suggested brands / models? Ideally, I'd prefer something with more side pockets, but I trust the Dririder brand and like the design / style of this bag.

    As an aside, at the risk of sounding stupid, do magnetic tank bags have any effect on video cameras that are left in them?
  2. Have a look at Oxford luggage too. I bought their tailpack and its very high quality.
  3. Will check 'em out, thanks. :grin:
  4. I've got an oxford tank bag and love it - they're good in the wet too :)
  5. Which one do you have?
  6. I can't get the pdf's for the Australian distributor to open. :mad:
  7. Ive got a similar DriRider tank bag that just zips open to make it larger. Base is a clear piece of plastic that you can chuck whatever paper thin item youd like to have benieth it. Find the bag really usefull and nice to lean on on long trips! :grin:

    Only thing I'd look out for is that the magnets seems to pick up pieces of metal anywhere, tiny ones that you can't see but you can see the damage they do to your paint work :( . Only soution to this I've found so far is to put a tea towl over the tank first.

    Dunno about camcaroders, I think they should be OK but I'd keep any tapes away from the magnets for any length of time, thats if youve still got tapes :grin:
  8. Thanks, CB. I don't need a big back everyday, which is why I like the twin-bag setup. Thought it was a good system for everyday use and a good alternative to the expanding bags.

    I've seen matting you can buy to put on your tank before putting the magnetic base on. I'm def going to put something down to protect my paint, as I know how much it's worth!! :shock:

    Thanks again.