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Dririder Urban Hoodie

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Masakali, Jul 24, 2012.

  1. Love the look of this jacket, but has anyone had experience with this one?
    Will it survive the cold Melbourne mornings without too much layering? I'm usually up before the sun rises.

  2. i have one.
    yesterday morning was 1 celcius. so it did'nt help much. (i nearly died. so cold it hurts)
    but with the temps we've been having during the day it's quite adequate in itself.
    comfortable garment though. i like it. on or of the bike it's a good winter jacket.
    but the back pad is a bit of a joke. i've ordered a slimline D30 pad to replace that with, so at least theres something in there. because the fabric in itself is quite sheer.
    and jeezus i would'nt want to slide down a road in it.
    but yeah i still like it. it's just comfy compared to most cheap motorbike jackets.
    so, for warmth> it's pretty good. but ain't stopping windchill factor. obviously because it breathes.
    for protective apparel> i doubt it.
    so> don't fall of.
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  3. i forgot the best bit.
    this is the coolest thing about it.
    it has a high windblocker neck and i can pull the hood over and and just about cover up all but my eyes when i pay for petrol, after having to remove my helmet.
    and you do because it's so ****ing cold in the mornings.
    i just love the irony in that. plus the speechless indian attendant.
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  4. Hmmmmmm, was hoping for a bit more positive. But I guess the high windblocker does make it a good winter commute jacket, I'll just replace the pad as well. Question is, would you buy it again, or look elsewhere? Thanks.
  5. i'd buy it again.
    because it's the sort of thing i like.
    i don't have a car and i can't be ****ed piss farting around strapping on the best atgatt money can buy everytime i need to go out somewhere.
    so i just wear stuff that's quick and easy to get on/off and is still comfy enough to wander around in or lounge around in.
    but that's just my situation. i might have to leave the house 2-3 times a day, but it's just urban/suburban short trips.
    if i was wanting a jacket for a longer trip i'd wear something better.
    i own like 10 motorbike jackets.
  6. Just had a look at one - looks good.
    Might grab one myself
  7. Who sells them and how much?
  8. :worthlesspics:.........
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  9. I like it

    I would make it with a kevlar layer in between the inner and outer layers
  10. Went and looked at one today - bloody comfy.....not enough CE protection for my liking....

    Tak - surely you can do a better job and add this to your line :D
  11. if you did make something like this tak. i would buy it in a heart beat
  12. Would be a good market, in the whole store its the only textile I actually like.
  13. you need a servo where you can leave your helmet on :D
  14. Just checked it out in person as well. Good looking jacket, very comfy, but your right, the CE feels very very flimsy...

    The other new dririder jacket in brown looked quite good too, symmetry?
  15. x 2....if someone can make a decent looking jacket that isn't bulky and still gives a bit of protection they will make a killiing. I looked at the urban hoodie , but it doesn't seem like it provides much abrasion protection (if any??).

    It doesn't need to be the most protective thing around - just a single layer of kevlar or similar to stop your skin getting ground off in the unlikely event of an off. Make it comfy and lightweight to wear around and reasonably stylish and you will sell shitloads to the commuter market.

    I ended up buying the alpinestars verona, which is a decent-ish looking casual jacket with a bit more protection. Still not perfect though.
  16. to be fair, it is what it is. just nylon and polyester. it's not a leather jacket. at least you can chuck it in the washing machine.
    it is a fairly chunky garment so the layering in itself would offer abrasion resistance briefly enough for low speed suburban jaunts.

    i would say it's the best hoodie on the market and much better than a kevlar lined hoodie. because those things will just ride up your arms and torso in a slide anyway.

    theres really not that much on the market in armoured hoodies.
    theres the agv one, but that dose'nt come in black.
    theres the speed and strength ones. all with bold branding logos. might look ok in the states, but here you might as well have one with wanker printed on it.
    theres that abomination that a* attempted that is made out of some sort of weird-assed neoprene.
    and theres the armadillo one, which is ridiculously overpriced for what it is. really no better than any of the cheap kevlar types.

    this one is the best and it's priced mid level.
    i will get some photos up soon.
  17. For those interested bikebiz have 25% off dririder so u can pick this up for $200 delivered! The discount doesn't show until you add it to the cart.
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  18. Quick Q and I dont want hijack the thread .. where are you ordering your 3DO pads from ?

    Cheers! :beer:
  19. i guess there are two markets for the two hoodie ideas.

    dririder version would appeal to someone wanting winter/cold/night jacket with some weatherproofness.
    Downsides would be a cold season only jacket, any sunny day would be too hot to wear because nylon doesn't breath, unless there are airvents and the waterproof shell can zip out. could be the looks and puffy fit for most
    Upsides stronger/durable outershell + firm waist wrist adjustment, great night time/cold weather jacket.

    cotton kevlar lined version would be more spring/summer/autumn. Fit wouldn't have the puffy look and would most likely appeal to alot more riders. downsides no waist/wrist adjusters so could ride up (fixes jacket to pant belt loop clip). Outershell fabric wont be as durable to weather as nylon.
    Upsides comfortable and looks better, worn as a down the road jacket?

    idea concept: (small batch underproduction early september ready)
    note: kevlar images were from version 4 years ago, going for more fitted longer body cut as in the alpinestars hoodie above