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Dririder Summit2 Pants

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by mashwoo, May 29, 2005.

  1. Hi all,
    I am after riding pants that meet the following requirements:
    - Fit over jeans, shorts or slacks
    - 100% waterproof
    - Breathable
    - Some protection in a spill
    - Would be nice if I could put them on over shoes

    I have fount the following and was wondering if their are any other products out their which meet the above requirements.


    P.S. This forum has been a very informative site to me as a new rider and thank you for everyones efforts.
  2. In my experience, these types of pants will fit over any work pants, if you remove the thermal liner. Hope that helps :wink:
  3. Got the same pair, rain tested them, crash tested them and they are all good.

    If you take out the liner with jeans/slacks on underneath, you'll be plenty warm unless its sub zero temps and taking out the liner gives you alot more room.

    Also make sure you get some extra length in the leg so that in the normal riding position they don't ride up too much and expose your ankles to the elements. A larger size will also give you more room for extra layers underneath.
  4. Thanks Heaps,
    I will be buying a pair. Thanks for confirming my expectaions of this product.
    :D .
  5. how much are they going to set you back?
  6. 180.00 is what it says in the catelouge but since every bike shop sells them for rrp I will ask one of them to do better for my business. I got $30 off my $300 jacket this way so who knows
  7. I couldn't see prices on the dririder site.

    I think you will find they are more than $180.
    The cheapest I saw them for was $259. (other places were $320 ish)

    I ended up paying $250 for mine.
  8. Ok, thanks Bogus69, I think they are worth the convienience and safety though so I will pay that if necessary.
  9. They are great pants.
    I bought them for much the same reasons as you posted.
  10. http://www.gobike.com.au/prod4077.htm

    Here they are online and as of this post they are charging 299.99. :shock:

    Ouchies in my hip pocket are however better than ouchies in my actual hips.
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  12. I've never had to remove the liners to wear the pants over Jeans, workpants, tracksuit pants, thermal leggings or a combination of the above.

    They are also great in summer, cause with the liner removed and just a pair of shorts underneath, they are quite cool (my pair of dririders, not sure if summit2 exactly, also have air flow zips on the legs and the jacket which helps keep me cool in summer)

  13. If the protection isn't important, you can get lined wet weather pants that fit well over pants and jeans etc. for about $80. I use mine for rides and commuting - storms, snow, hail - has kept me dry and warm no matter what the elements throw at me.
  14. Make sure that you do get a bigger size than normal.
  15. And they are last year's too!
    I don't know where you are based but you can get them for $259 in Melb City.

    The motodry ones look pretty good, but without the air vents. Might make them too hot in summer?
  16. :) Thanks. I will shop around and see what price I can get. good point on the air vents
  17. the RRP for the dririder 'summit 2' pant(with removal liner) is $289.95. for the nordic(liner sewn in): RRP is $179.95 this is straight from the 2005 catalogue i got right in front of me. i haven't seen any difference in price between the '04 or '05 stock!
  18. I can vouch for the Dririders. Got mine on special at Bikebarn ($289 down to $230 less netrider discount=$207).
    Make sure you get one size bigger tho to give seams a fair go.

    I Keep the old vinyl overpants under the seat in case I get caught short.

    Vinyl cheapies versus dririders? No comparison
  19. I have the Joe Rocket version...love em.
  20. Bought a pair of these for my daily commute to wear over my work (office) strides. Very comfy, quite cool in the hot/humid weather. Tested in monsoon downpour & proved to be waterproof as advertised. Easy to throw on over shorts, jeans etc for a quick run down to the shops.