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Dririder summit pro pants

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by jimmyjames182, Oct 9, 2008.

  1. Hi there,

    I'm considering some dririder summit pro pants for freeway commuting - the draggins just don't cut it in cool weather and they've got no armour in them. Does anyone else have them?

    Are they comfortable in summer and winter. Long wearing? Completely waterproof?

    Worth the extra $100 over say motodri or rjays pants?

    Any help appreciated.

  2. it may be just me but i dont find the shape of them very comfortable. you have to wear them right up, which then crushes the nads. but then they slip down every other time which then makes leg movement difficult.

    but you know the sizing may be just a problem with me.

    ive ridden around for over an hour in the wet and stayed totally dry and warm in them. however they obviously dont breathe very well, youll find them very muggy, so when the temperature gets a little higher they get pretty uncomfortable. you can take out the liners which help, but they still feel muggy

    surprisingly i found full leather pants that fit well and they are easily 10x more comfortable and are still warm enough in all but the coldest of mornings, and i couldnt really say whether they are hotter than the dririders in summer. getting caught in the wet is the only issue
  3. I have a pair, and for cooler days they are excellent. And they will keep you dry. However, for warmer days you'll want to be wearing your draggins. I bought a pair just yesterday and plan on buying some knee armour for them.
  4. See if you can find the older model about. I've not looked at the Summit pro but I have a pair of the summit pants - They have the zip out quilted liner and a waterproof liner and zip venting in the knees and thighs. I've worn them on days that were in the high 30's and didn't have any problems with getting too hot - You sould be able to find a few pairs around at discount shops
  5. You could save yourself a bit of money and just get the DriRider Nordic (winter liner, armour - no zip venting). Doesn't appear to be too much different, and at $250RRP (I got mine at $150 with a bike purchase, so there may be room to haggle?) you're looking at about a $100 saving.

    And remember to buy big! I initially walked out the shop with an 2XL (normally would be a L or XL), and had to return it for a 3XL.