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DriRider RallyCross gloves_ first impressions

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by FormerUser1, Feb 4, 2005.

  1. Together with their RallyCross mesh-jacket DriRider has released their matching RallyCross summer-gloves.
    Basically a mix of mesh/leather/ carbon/ Keprotec and Neoprene it's a light-weight glove designed as a crossover road/ enduro/MX product.

    First impressions are pretty favourable:
    light weight, very flexible, VERY comfortable straight-off, the pre-moulded Carbon-Knuckle Protectors have the right shape and depth to fit comfortably, small carbon panels on fingers help to protect the line of first finger-joints. Sturdy zip-closure. Kevlar-reinforced stitching should prevent "bursting" at time of contact.

    Some points I have to pick though: The Keprotec-panel in the palm doesn't cover the finger base-joints and the most important omission is protection for the heel (there's the tiniest of Keprotec-panels, miles too small as to be effective) and lateral side of the hands, which is one of the most important contact areas in case of an "off".
    There is also no Keprotec on the "bottom-side" of fingers 4+5, the 2 most-affected-in-a-crash fingers. Curiously pointer and middle-finger do have them.

    A "cool" glove for sure, very comfortable and great for the hot days.
    Since they're in the NZ-ride luggage now, a proper write-up will follow when I'm back.


    And here the reply from the distributor, Ron Grant @ McLeods Accessories:

    Hello Peter,
    These Rallycross gloves were designed with a specific purpose - Dual Sport riding.
    The glove is designed to offer a significantly higher level of protection than a MX glove yet greater feel and comfort than an all leather road glove.

    Whilst you note "omissions" of material in certain crucial areas, to create the level of flexibility and "feel" required meant the glove had to be designed in this manner.

    Protection, coolness, comfort and feel vs. value for money make these gloves a winner. Increase the specification and fit more expensive Kevlar materials means higher retail cost. That means less people buy these gloves and more people continue to wear their MX gloves which tend to "explode on impact" if they ever hit rocky ground or bitumen.

    The Rallycross jacket and gloves are Dririders first foray into the off road area. With a team of dedicated dirt nuts at the company's helm, more off road oriented products are coming!

    Ron Grant
    Product Manager
    McLeod Accessories.
  2. RallyCross gloves

    I bought some last week and they seem to be pretty good. I ride a KLR250 so I was looking for something to use on the dirt and road so I don't have to take multiple pairs of gloves. They seem to fit the bill nicley, although as you said for road the protection could be better, but it does better than any MX gloves would ever do.

    BTW the reason that the pointer and middle finger would have Keprotec would probably be because dirt riders often use 2 finger braking and clutching so they still have a good hold of the bars on bumpy stuff, so more grip/tougher stuff is often used on the fingertips.

    One issue I have is that the hard velcro is in contact with the skin which is kind of annoying. But overall seem a nice glove.