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dririder nordic pants

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by geeth, Jan 31, 2009.

  1. Does anyone know if the pockets on these pants are waterproof?
    I have just got a pair and forgot to ask.

  2. Don't know, but I can think of a real easy way to find out...
  3. No. Nor are the pants if you let water sit on them - i.e. crotch area.
  4. Hmmm... I have a pair, and I thought they were waterproof. I've ridden a few times in the wet and had no problems. Probably not as waterproof as those overpants designed specifically to keep water off (but provide no slide protection), such as the dri-rider hurricane/thunderwear products.
  5. If you get them wet enough they will leak. If you let water sit on them they will leak. I have had my pants for 3 years, but they stopped being 'waterproof' after the first few wears. Since then I would class them as moderatly rain resistant.
  6. I have a pair...a one word description would be USELESS

    They are as waterproof as a submarine with a screen door :roll:

    Dririder my arse!
  7. I have the Nordic Pro's which were waterproof on a ride down the coast where it poured down for a couple of hours. I think the best option though is one of those waterproof suits you put over your normal gear, and I've seen them as cheap as $30
  8. On my first rain ride with them on (entirely on the motorway) they didn't leak water through but after stopping they started to. The leg armour was wet for about 2 days :evil:

    Thankfully I have a pair of over pants so it's not to much of a concern.
  9. Water-proof my arse.
    I have these Dri-Rider nordics and I agree with the previous post that described them as 'moderately rain resistant' - in light rain you won't have a problem, but if it starts hammering down, you can expect a massive wet patch in the worst place possible.
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    Tried everything except an aerostich and the only solution I have found is the cheap arse plastic over pants. At least the only solution that works