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DriRider Nordic 2 boots?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Captain Hollister, Mar 20, 2014.

  1. Anyone had any experience with DriRider Nordic 2 boots (or any leather DriRiders)?
    I'm after a reasonably decent pair of touring boots. Must be leather. The Nordics look okay but do they perform?

  2. My old boots are Dri rider , they are ok but I am not an expert
    Guess it's a good affordable brand in general
  3. I know where there's a pair of SIDI Goretex boots for sale.
  4. Bought the Dririder Nordic2 online ($140 inc post). They are a narrow fit but being leather they have stretched and now fit pretty well. A little loose around the ankle but otherwise a comfortable boot. Recently did a 2,000 klm round trip Far North Coast to Sydney and back. About 5 hours of that was in medium to heavy rain. All good. Feet were toasty warm and dry.
    For the money I'm very happy with the Nordic2. However, next time I need to buy boots I think I'll spend a little more.
  5. Sounds as though you got a good deal. I found when trying on boots that there is a difference in sizing and fit with different boots. This makes it difficult buying boots or any garments online. Sometimes spending more does not get you more.
  6. Agreed.

    I bought some Dainese boots locally, fit perfectly. Bought the perforated version of the same boot in the same size and they're hellishly uncomfortable.
  7. Peter Stevens Melbourne has a 50% discount for a week just FYI
  8. I have the Dri Rider Nordic boots (same boot except the Nordic 2 has about 60mm more height). As Capt Hollister said above, they're comfortable and dry in the wet. I didn't find them at all uncomfortable in summer either.

    2 issues:
    - The standard Nordic is too short and you'll find your pants will ride above the top which feels wrong. Probably won't happen with the Nordic 2 series due to extra height of the boot but, because of the wide top, once it happens you're pants will be hooked up there.
    - The only other problem was that the rubber shift pad on the left boot had its edges break away after a few months. Doesn't affect the function but but it shouldn't happen.
  9. I've had a run of Dri-riders. They last about 2 years before falling apart (ride 5-6 days a week). So not as good as others, but the total value equation is pretty good.

    Check the quality of finish of the ones you buy. I've had them back to the shop a few days after purchase on 2 separate occasions. One was just wayward stitching. They other I can't remember, but both weren't made right.

    I've had to built up the shift pad with areldite on one pair. It's actually a pretty handy solution.

    So they sound shit, but the reality is the next most applicable boot is twice the price. I'm betting they won't last twice as long.
  10. I nearly bought the shorter Nordic but glad I got the higher Nordic 2. Not had a problem with the pants leg riding up. I usually tuck mine in.
    Not a good good boot for general wear, if you need to do some walking, so I just wear mine when I go on a decent ride. There's very little tread on the sole also so I guess that will wear out fairly quickly.
    I foumd the quality of the leather and stiching very good. Great value for the money.