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Dririder jacket

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by stoker76, Jan 14, 2008.

  1. Whats the best way to wash these jackets? I removed the liner as soon as I bought it as it wasn't that cold I needed it.
    Now its summer, its starting to pon a little. I thought the washing machine might be too brutal on it even in delicate cycle. Has anyone tried it?
    I don't want to ruin it.

  2. we did ours the hard way perhaps
    but they came out smelling alot better then they went in

    we pulled all liners out and armour
    filled the bathtub with washing power and made sure it was all soaked in
    then chucked everything (except armour) in pushed them under water and swirled them round then left them to soak

    within 10 minutes the water was pretty foul :shock:
    so we drained the water and did another soak

    once soaking finished we hung them up in shade to dry
    took a couple of days though

    but gee they smell pretty now :LOL:
  3. I also do the bathtub wash but use martha gardners wool wash
  4. If it'll survive prolonged use on a bike, it'll survive the washing machine.

    Then again, the general quality of my DriRider is sufficiently ordinary (considering the price), that it makes me think maybe not . :evil: .
  5. There should be a washing instructions tag inside the jacket? I wouldn't deviate from whatever it says.
  6. Who washes? I hark from the days of waxed cotton and we never washed `em. Only ruined the waterproofing.
  7. Did the bathtub trick also. And agreed on the foul water thing. Checked on it like 15 mins later and the water was already black :?
  8. Hmm, I think the "blackness" of the water is most likely from the dye on the jacket rather than it being that dirty.
    The first time you wash items of dark colour they always run :)
  9. Jacket was predominantly blue though? T'was pretty grotty anyhow. Jacket was definitely cleaner after I washed it. :)
  10. Wear it in the rain? :)

    I have never washed mine, but I do hang the inners out on the line from time to time.