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Dririder jacket V Washing machine

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by CamKawa, Sep 25, 2005.

  1. Put my Dririder Extreme in the washing machine for its first wash in 3 and 1/2 years and the washing machine won. The zip out liner was torn to shreds. :cry: Phoned P.Stevens and asked if I could buy a replacement liner and the answer was no but they plenty of new jackets in stock!

    Here’s an excerpt taken from the Dririder website dririder.com.au
    "Using the very latest technology in materials and features right through to the cutting and final assembly, DRIRIDER presents specific products designed here in Australia for our unique weather and riding conditions. Each model garment is carefully checked, tested and re-tested to ensure it will sustain years of comfortable, dry and protected riding."

    No mention of the fact it won't survive washing machine, no washing instructions were printed on the garment and no mention of any warranty information. I wonder how well it would do in a crash?
  2. I would contact dririder directly and see what they can do for you.
  3. I'm going to call them on Monday and see if anything can be worked out. 1300 300 191. If not with summer coming on here in Melbourne I might have to prematurely move into the leathers or consider buying a http://www.tigerangel.com/gore/element_1.html
  4. That tigerangel jacket looks perfect. I like that it is waterproof on the outside and not just an removable (sweat it up) waterproof liner. BOOK MARKING NOW, THANKS. Now I just have to convince the wife.
  5. Did you remove the liner or leave it zipped in to wash it?

    Too late now, but I do my liner in the machine, but I wash the outer shell by hand in he bath. Wool wash is great, but nappi-san is better!
  6. I zipped it out.
  7. Can I suggest to you, kind sir, that the reason the inner liner got mashed in the machine (!) is probably BECAUSE it hadn't been washed in 3 and a half years! That amount of time with body heat and sweat probably weakened the material and the stitches so that the machine just finished off the job.
    Best to wash the liner more often than that, in the machine on a delicates cycle, and the jacket by hand in the bath as suggested above.
    And, yeah, contact the manufacturer direcct about a replacement liner....
  8. Was this a top loader?
  9. yes it was a top loader
  10. Given I wear at least a t shirt under the jacket surely the t shirt would absorb the sweat. I think the quality of the construction of the liner is complete crap. Nothing more nothing less.
  11. I think that the gentle hand washing option may have been a smarter one.

    I wonder how a helmet would go in the washing machine. Doesn't have any warning labels in that either :p
  12. Hmmmm.... nor does my cat!
  13. Cool!!! This could be fun!!!
  14. I've washed my jacket liner in the washing machine (gentle cycle) but used a wash bag. Had no probs.

    :D :D
  15. ah ok, ive got a front loader - ive found they dont eat/rip things apart.
  16. forget peter theiven , go to a aussie disposal store and buy a army jacket liner
    they are green but you cant see them under the dri rider.
    they are much warmer and if you find its a bit chilly and you are off the bike you can wear the liner by itself to keep you warm.
    probably cheaper too.
  17. do NOT wash any part of your textile jacket in the washing machine.

    that was told to me by a rep from one of the companies, they are a hand wash item only, and especially not the ones with the breathable liners, it destroys them.
  18. I wash my liners in my front load on "wool" setting - very gentle. The jacket itself is strctly hand wash.

    PS. Top load washers are for those that like to replace their whole wardrobe every year! For some reason the yanks and europeans woke up to this many years ago??
  19. Ok so I need to wash my jacket, I know this is an old thread but dont want to start a new one.

    I just need to wash the shell/outer jacket not the liner, can i put it in the washing machine?
    Its an alpinestar sports riding jacket. It has NO washing instructions on it anywhere.

    I have been meaning to wash it since my trip to echuca 4 months ago; its got squished bugs all over it, especially noticable on the white details.
  20. Nah es you should hand wash it in luke warm mild soapy water, then rinse in clean water and hang out to dry
    Maybe abit of napisan if you want :)

    Machine wash will damage any waterproof properties/membranes and is generally too rough.