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Dririder introduce boots

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by AF2AF3, May 18, 2005.

  1. Shipping from their Brisbane warehouse this week, this is the info I got from Mcleod Accessories:


    Dririder has just released their all new “NORDIC” all weather touring boot. This new boot has been made in collaboration with one of the leading boot manufacturers and suppliers for the European market. This first new model to come into Australia have been successfully selling in Europe for over a year now. Supplied with specific design requirements to suit Australian conditions, like a slightly broader foot bed and the fitment of an “Aerotex” waterproof and breathable liner. Testing of the boot has been carried out here in Australia over the past eight months and quality, comfort, fit, and waterproof ability has exceeded all expectations. This boot continues Dririders push to supply premium quality products to suit Australian conditions. RRP is just $179.95. More information available on www.dririder.com.au

    - FEATURES –
    Water repellent leather and Keprotec Kevlar construction.
    100% breathable and waterproof “Aerotex” inner liner.
    Contoured tempered stainless steel Shank sole protection.
    Polypropylene and anti-intrusion foam shin protection.
    Rigid toe and heel protection with anti shock function.
    Anti-abrasion thermoformed carbon ankle protection.
    Front and rear flex points for enhanced comfort.
    Removable thermoformed anti bacterial insole.
    Non slip oil and acid resistant vulcanized rubber sole.

    Premium YKK zipper and Velcro closure system.
    3M Scotchlite on outer calf for added night time safety.
    Preformed leather gear change protector panel.
    Available in men’s sizes:- 41 to 47.

    They also sent jpg, but I have no way of putting up picture.
    could someone PM me with an email if you have the ability to link to a jpg and add to 'post'
  2. Where does it mention boots on their website?
  3. Yeah, I looked all over the Dririder website and no sign of the boots at all.

    If you want to email me the picture, I'll post it on my site and link to from here...
  4. I have emailed them so will see what that turns up :)
  5. 180 clams seems awfully cheap for that spec of boot. might have to investigate that myself..
  6. MotoDry also make a range of similar boots...

    Does anyone have any opinions of MotoDry stuff as compared to the dearer DriRider stuff? I own bits of both, and the motodry stuff seems to do just as good a job IMO.

  7. I heard that Motodry was started up by some folk who left dririder.
    IMO it is slightly less spec, but similar quality and much cheaper therefore great value.
  8. I bought a pair of these Dririder Nordic boots 2 weeks ago and I love them. They feel secure and I'd trust them to save my feet compared to the GPs I used to use.

    They look pretty good and for $150 (I'm quite happy with them) :)

    They should be in stores now, I bought mine from Sydney City Motorcycle in Epping.
  9. I bout a brand spanking new MotoDry jacket for $130 on sale!... I tried on the more expensive dri-rider and it didnt seem as comfortable or a sturdy so I went for the cheaper and better feeling moto-dry, has the zip in winter lining aswell which is a saviour in these cold nights of late... only problem I find is that the cold wind still cuts through the arms like a biatch
  10. Did some web searching and found that they are made by a Company called Vartex in Belgium.


    In Europe they are called K-drive boots.


    Vartex make lots of leather accessories for Harleys ( whips, cat 'o nine tails, etc etc…….LOL )

    Bought mine yesterday....$162.00
  11. I just wish someone would make boots for sasquatches like me.. Hopefully being a dririder product they'll be made in Aussie sizes rather than Jap sizes.. ?

    At the moment I've search high and low and I can only find one boot range in my size and they're those ugle harley boots with tassles .. :(

  12. Right,

    I just posted a pic of these into the photo gallery.
    It said upload succesfull, but I can't see it there yet.
    The last page of the upload process said something about it being visable soon, or not being visable until... But I pressed the continue button b4 I had read what it said. :LOL:

    Don't ya hate that?!
  13. There is a man in Fitzroy in Melb. He custom makes motorcycle boots. This is especially good if you are a difficult fit. Called Medal boots. I have had mine for 2 years now and they are great. Just plain leather tho.
  14. Thanks FR. I have heard that there was someone in Fitzroy doing that but couldn't find the name of the place!

    I will investigate that as one of my feet is bigger than the other!

    Just called them "Medal Shoes" if you are looking them up.
    Price is around $330.

    I think my 1st pair of boots will be cheaper than that.
  15. I know 2 people who've had boots custom-made by someone in Fitzroy (probably the same guy) and absolutely swear by them.
  16. That would be medal boots, very solid, very old fashioned biker boots. Just leather boots with leather soles, no armour or anything like that... but they last for ever just about.
  17. Medal boots have a damn good reputation. Some people are wearing the same boots they purchased 20 years ago.

    Don't have a pair myself, but planning on down soon to Melbourne to get a pair.
  18. My current pair are from Medal Shoes (Fitzroy) and he's in the process of making up a spare pair for me as we speak. Great boots but they're basically just good strong leather boots. I'd really love a good set of alpine stars or something similar with the ankle protection, toe sliders, air flow, etc.. But as a Size 16 in the Nike scale that just doesn't exist..

    So I use the medal shoes version.. They're great quality, waterproof, and appear very strong.. Just look a bit silly when you tuck your race suit into them :-(

    Ah well.. guess being a big bastard has to have its downsides as well as its upsides..

  19. FYI

    I uploaded a pic to the photyo section.
    It's in misc => everything else.

    Cheers :)