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Dririder Highlander gloves

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Old Fart from WA, Apr 23, 2008.

  1. I'm looking at a pair of these gloves for winter. I'm a sook when it comes to the cold. Does anyone have a pair that can offer an opinion whether they're any good?

  2. I was looking at these recently. Found that when I tried to take them off the liners had a bad habbit of sliding out a bit with my hand. I ended up going with the DriRider Storm gloves instead. A little more expensive, but I found them more comfy, and they still have the visor wiper too.
  3. I bought a pair last year, took about a week to break in as feel bulky after lighter gloves good control now though. Liner can slide out with hand if sweaty but on cold days no problem. Keep out rain and cold very well.
  4. Thanks for the replies. I looked at the storm gloves but don't go for the knuckle duster look. I bought the highlanders today so perhaps a review once we've got used to each other. I'll look at a lighter pair for summer 'cos it gets pretty hot here in WA
  5. I've got a pair of DriRider DriMesh gloves and have been wearing them for everyday commuting for the last 15 months (gotta love heated grips and a good fairing :grin: ). Overall, I'm very happy with them. They fit me well, are very comfortable and have great ventilation.

    Some of the stitching isn't top notch, but the deterioration I noticed early on seems to have stopped. The leather's quite thin and, of course, doesn't cover 100% so protection might not be as good as some gloves, but I'm not too worried. Haven't crashed in 'em yet though and don't intend to :grin: . Yes they have pseudo CF knuckle protectors but they're not that prominent.

    A good summer glove for the price I reckon.
  6. Have Highlanders: very warm (no wind or cold air felt at all) and dry! They feel great once broken in. Pinch tips of fingers before taking off to prevent liner moving.
  7. wow... digging up ollllldd threads.