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Dririder gear. Whats your experience been?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Bogus69, Nov 14, 2005.

  1. Hey guys,

    I have dririder Nordic boots, and summit2 pants and a Summit Jacket.
    I'm happy with the jacket (except dome buttons pop off sometimes) but the other items leaked last week when It rained heavily.

    Has anyone had any leak issues with Nordic boots, or Summit2 pants?
    Do you use them when its pouring with rain?
    Any other brands of boots and overpants that you have had good experiences with?

    I commute daily so need something that will keep my dry reliably.
  2. Motodry pants and Rossi boots, been in a few downpoors lately and remained dry.

    The rossi boots kept my feet dry in a downpoor when I caught out in my dragins. Draggins saturated and boots warm and dry.
  3. I've got Dririder Eagle pants and did a 2 hour ride in torrential rain a few weeks ago. The pants were the best of all my kit for keeping the water out. Worked perfectly. Jacket and gloves failed unfortunately. Squeezed about a litre of water out of my dririder winter weight gloves and the jacket let water in around my stomach. So it generally became an unlpeasant ride after about 30 minutes. The sloshing around inside my gloves when doing anything like braking or using the clutch was particularly an experience.
  4. The early Dri-rider stuff was great... the more recent stuff has only been of so so quality in my experience.

    I'll be buying something different next time...
  5. I have a dririder jacket but it will leak and does hold a lot of water. I bought an oversized motodry spray jacket for about $25 that I put on over the dririder, I wear it in torrential rain or cold rainy weather, otherwise stays folded up in my bag. Dryer, warmer, and not a single leak with that extra layer.

    I actually thought my dririder gloves didn't work until I learn't that it was just water running back down my jacket sleeves into the gloves. Now with the spray jacket, the sleeves sit over the top of the dririder gloves to stop water streaming back down inside them (I still sit the gloves over the dririder jacket to stop wind going up them)

  6. My dririder gloves had one small prob, one of the wrist drawstrings is sewn in place so can't tighten it up, other than that, they're waterproof and pretty warm.

    Boots: Gaerne ones I got you can completely submerge (although why you might do this I'm not sure...) and they as dry as can be.
  7. I was on holiday in Adelaide when they had that crazy rain in February. I had the Gaerne boots on that are supposed to remain dry when submerged. And they did, my feet were in the water whilst riding at some stages as the water was so deep, and when i put my feet down to stop as i couldn't see they when into about 30cm of water. I also had motoline wet weather coveralls on and dririder summer gloves. I was completely dry except for my hands.

    I have not tested my dririder jacket for waterproofness yet, but i am happy with the quality.
  8. I bought the motodry pants (about $40 from memory?) to put over my draggin jeans and my jeans remain completely dry!!

    I have a Dainese (summer) jacket which isn't waterproof (holds up in light rain but not down pours) so I'm currently looking at getting a waterproof one for winter
  9. i bought the whole lot dririder shit. really disapointed, should have bought agvsport. the pants leak as do the boots. The zips keep stuffing up, and the gloves have a membrane. its special it keeps the water in and the cool air out. I never went back to pick up the jacket (well the bike was laters anyway) I still wear my agvsport jacket which still keeps heavy rain out despit being a bit torn up from the stacks.
  10. You need to make sure you waterproof them periodically with a silicon spray or similar. My Extreme pants are 6 years old and leak only when they need reproofing. The jacket is nearly 4 years old and has never leaked through faults of its own (remember to tuck gloves INSIDE the jacket cuffs when its pouring! :oops: )

    :grin: :grin: :grin:
  11. I wholeheartedly agree, the original DriRider Alpine jackets were great.
    Nylon outer, rubber inner with winter padding. The pants were equally good.
    Total cost used to be about $150 all up.

    Now they make $300 buck jackets and pants that look like the cutting edge of technology and leak like a bullet riddled vest, I don't know why.

    We buy our rain gear from Boat shops now and just put it over our leather jackets. They sell goretex stuff cheaper than bike shops sell winter bike clothing.
    It just goes to show you how bike clothing manufacturers have got carried away.
    Yachting gear used to be the most expensive winter/rain gear you could buy, now a lot of it is cheaper than bike gear...go figure.
    The diff is the yachting gear works and a lot of the bike gear does not.
    I dont mean in a local shower for an hour, I mean 10 hours a day on the bike touring in the winter.
    It may be because a lot of the yachting gear is made in the USA, the UK or Italy and France, rather than manufactured in China and Indonesia like so much Aussie bike clothing.
    If you're sick of getting wet...check out a yachting shop.
    Before anyone screams the yacht gear has no body armour...you buy a size larger than you would normally wear and put it over the top of your riding gear. :cool:
  12. Oh yeah..waterproof boots and goves.

    When it's absoulutly pissing down and I know I am going to be on the bike all day I wear Blundstone PVC gum boots. 100% waterproof, warm as toast if you wear a pair of explorer socks inside them.
    You can also now buy Aussie Mining boots that have ankle protection all around, a steel shod sole and a steel toe.
    They will be my next pair I think. About $135 dollars and OMG actually made in Oz.
    Think armoured gum boot, that's what they are like.


    Gloves..gore-tex ski gloves, except no substitutes, nothing works as well as a pair of real gore tex sking gloves, certainly not the so called gore tex lined bike gloves.

    Now I know a lot of you will think..hang on..ski gloves..armoured gum boots..yachting gear..does this bloke know what he's on about?
    Well yeah I do, I don't have a car. Seldom have.
    I ride every day, summer and winter.
    In Sydney, in the Blue Mountains, down the Snowy Mountains.
    I used to do a lot of winter rallies, so I have learned by trail and error what works and what does not.
    I'm probably going to do the TTT Rally again this year, think, mud, snow, sleet and below zero conditons.
    If my clothing keeps me warm and dry places like that, you will be fine riding around town or to work every day in it.

    A tip...wrap a bandana around your neck, pull it half up above collar of jacket, it catches that water that runs down off the back of your helmet.

    Ride safe, stay dry.
    Cheers: Jaq.
  13. My (2000 model) Dririder Alpine jacket has servrd me well for the last 5 years, only recently has it leaked water despite regular washing and reproofing (Nik-wax is brilliant) and partly due to all the velcro and zip closures failing.
    Its been replaced with a Summit 2 which is much warmer but probably not as much in the dry due the absence of the built in neck sock.

    My Summit pants are good. Make sure you buy one size larger than you think you need (especially if tall) and keep them clean. All breathable waterproof clothing needs the membrane kept clean and the outer fabric water repellent to function. this seems to be one of the main reasons people have trouble with this gear.

    I use Didi waterproof boots and they are OK but like most footwaer of this type you wear through the inner waterproof mebrane where your feet rub most - at the heal and toes, and so leaks start in these areas.

    I needed new gloves and Dririder Highlanders were reccommended by BikeMart as they have rubber visor wipers and a comprehensive closure. I raised concerns at the time regarding the ability to tuck these under the jacket sleeve (as I usually do) and was told these work on the outside (they dont fit under the sleeve).

    They dont! As soon as you slow down the water runs (pours) into the glove making it cold, wet and uncomfortable. This is the only time I have been let down by advice from BikeMart and they are challenging my claim that I have been sold goods "not fit for pupose". At $80 I expect better.
  14. disappointing buy. after 8 weeks, and a couple of trips in heavy rain, first week of winter, took mine back demanded a refund. (got an rjays instead)

    had lots of promise, the vents looked great to cater for those hot moments but still retaining the upshot of an an "alpine" jacket, but honestly, just didn't live up to the expection.

    don't get me wrong, was great on warmish days to be able to open the vents on the arms, back, and pull the flaps open on the front to let the air straight into the torso area, but, beyond this, massive disappointment.

    design flaws;
    - isn't 100% water proof at all, after a period of mine was letting in water along the front seam (as the seam is made up of press studs and velcro in a O==O==O pattern seemed like water was oozing in between the edge of the press start and the start of the velcro)
    - also lets water in the vent-zips inside the arms (for some reason all the other zips have waterproof seals on the outside, or a waterproof liner on the inside, except those ones, which have neither? water just comes straight in the zip!! )
    - cold weather liner doesnt meet/overlap/zip at the front so even with all the full winter gear in i still had to wear a jumper as the cold was coming straight in a 2" strip from top to bottom at the very front.

    dont get me wrong, the dririder was okay for light rain, but Queensland has been getting torrential rains, and 100% waterproof, should mean exactly that. I didn't spent $320 on a jacket that says its 100% waterproof, to get home wet on both chest and arms :)

    obvious manufacturing defects with my jacket;
    - paint coming off zips & rusting (so much for stainless steel?).
    - cuff adjustments are velcro tab glued to a rubber strip. on one cuff the velcro & rubber seperated entirely so i had the velcro fabric bit, and then this rubber flap just swining in the breeze i couldnt do anything with.
    - threads coming out at multiple places

    this is a jacket that was purchased on 9/4/2011 (and returned last week)

    i had high hopes for this jacket, but it wasn't anywhere near as comfortable as it felt in the shop when at speed, letting in water, and falling apart. when i took it back they took one look at it and immediately offered me a refund.

    i went and got an rjays from the same store, straight away i could feel the difference. no space age vents on the front to lift up, but on the ride home i was snug as a bug in rug, instead of being cold & uncomfortable. when it rains, i stay dry, instead of having a big wet patch on the front of my shirt. no glue to come apart as everything is stitched, mostly double, and i got money back in my pocket as the rjays was less than the dririder. in retrospect, compared to the rjays, the dririder just feels like cheap imported junk with an over inflated price tag.

    i dont have the capacity to open the jacket on-the-go with the flip-vent things with the rjays, i have to stop and rip the liner out, but hey, id rather it take a bit longer and have the jacket that is fit-for-purpose than have some new fangled vents on a jacket which just isn't up to the task.

    maybe i just got a shitty jacket in terms of it falling apart after 2 months, but 100% waterproof my arse.
  15. I have dri rider gear....

    Interstate Boots - onto my second pair, first pair lasted around 40,000km sole started to peel away but overall very happy. At $180 ok value imo

    Alpine Jacket - done approx 50,000km in all kinds of weather but nothing like those qld downpours. Overall pretty happy although stitching has seperated in a few places. The removable liner and the vents are good on 30 plus days. Like the boots pretty good value and I would buy another one.

    Duds - non Dri Rider I have a pair of AST pro series which are great.

    Glovers - Dririder thinsulate - commuted in them this morning in Melb - bitterly cold! these are a terrfic winter glove. At $75 rapt in these.

    Having said all of that - I also use a beeswax compound on all of my gear as extra water proofing. I've found that gear at the low or mid point price range can be made quite waterproof using this stuff.

    Gloves - Dri rider
  16. holy f*ucking thread revival!
  17. Overpriced shoite for mine. Their gloves are just crap and fall apart in no time.
    Maybe over a decade ago their stuff was ok. Now....it sucks.
  18. Basically agree with mjc and bretto. Seriously unimpressed with gloves. Jacket (Rallycross Evo) has crap detail quality and "waterproof" liner isn't. However, it's structurally OK, including surviving a reasonably severe off and slide.

    No way I'd pay full retail price for DriRider gear again though. Sale bargains would be another matter.
  19. Myself and the missus have dririder climate control 2 jackets. not bad value. The padded thermal liner is really warm. The jacket itself is breathe through and quite cool unless the heat is extreme (Townsville). You realize how good the air moves through the jacket when it gets cold! It has a wet weather liner too which I have only fitted to the jacket as a wind breaker when its not quite cold enough for the thermal liner. It's main downfall is that it is a bit short.
  20. yep, 1 ride in my Dririder gloves falling to $hit.
    $65- a pop, instand regret, live n learn, but these forums prob would of helped me :p

    Ski gloves, I actually thought about it since looking at an Aldi catalogue with all their winter gear sale. Gonna go in today and have a looksy, get some thermals at least. do they have wardrobe bays to change in their shops?