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DriRider Climate Control Jacket

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Slade, Feb 17, 2007.

  1. Hey well ive decided to get my first jacket after destroying a nice swede jacket I had by covering it with dead bugs =D (its being "cleaned" atm lol)

    anyhow I have decided to go with the DriRider Climate Control, I have had a look around online and could not really find much info on these jackets from any1 with personal experience with the jacket.
    I recieve the jacket this wednesday so once I have got a hold of it I will be sure to let everyone know how it goes.

    Sorry about the advertisement, it was the best pic I could find

  2. I gotta get me one of these, look forward to your report.
  3. Where did you order it from?

    Cheers Scheff
  4. Ive got one and there a really good jacket. (My one is all black)...I got mine from where a prominent netrider member USED to work so im not giving them a plug...so don’t ask me for the name
  5. I ordered my jacket from a local yammie dealer, but you shouldnt have a problem ordering 1 at any of your local dealers who stock in Dri Rider.

    If thats no good there are a few online dealers that stock these jackets, cheapest I found only was approx $269, although i assume postage would be more on top of this.

    and for those curious ive gone the spiffy red 1 :LOL:
  6. Thanks Dood.
    Phanoongy's connected :wink:
    There'll be a shopping night at Mornington soon i hope....

  7. I got mine a few days after the blue ribbon ride and only had one problem with it so far....I had both the inner liners out (the waterproof and winter liners out) when I went to see lenna after work one day....by the time I left it was raining lotsa cats and dogs.......I was like a drowned rat by the time I got home.....mind you on them hot days its like only wearing a t-shirt…only with armour where its needed!!! AND less likely to burn on them hot days from too much sun!!!!

    O yea with the 2 liners in it’s also a really good winter jacket….nice and warm
  8. If the waterproof liner was in you wouldn't have been a drowned rat?

    I am seriously considering buying this jacket. I'm worried it won't be warm enough in winter though...
  9. no water gets passed that layer so I would of been dry as a bone :grin:
    as for winer...it feels warm in the times ive had it set up with all 3 layers...BUT i have yet to take it out in a realy cold day...
  10. Hey Slade

    I would be interested in how it goes for winter too
    it looks pretty neat

    hey and let us know how bright that red really is :LOL:

    I have a red helmet so I supposed I should go colour co'ed ....and hopefully a red bike on upgrade....

  11. I'll do my best :)

    although being the time of the year its going to be hard to find a really cold day, so testing it for winter will be hard for the next 4-5 months or so I guess :|
  12. Nahhh
    come on this is Victoria!!!

    though the last couple of days make me feel like I am in Alice Springs :LOL:

  13. tell me about it, the jacket will defiently get a good summer run :eek:

    I really need to invest in some summer boots...
    Maybe I should review the boot I bought hehe, great boot, but arg for heat, I come home daily with a wet sock from the build up of sweat :|
  14. I've got one, I reckon it's been great so far. Canberra has such extreme weather, from -10 in winter to 40+ in summer :shock:

    It hasn't been cold yet, but when I tried it on with all three layers in I was sweating like a pig despite being in an airconditioned room, so it should be nice and toasty on a winter morning :grin:
  15. Thanks for that
    I agree about the Canberra weather
    so a good indication to its uses

  16. No Stock Available of the Red in Large, Only XL :eek:

    ive decided to go for the Metallic BLack in Large as I was told they had 1 of these still in stock :LOL:

    seems the next lot of stock is coming through, so I guess that means climate control 2 is on its way hehe.
    Hope im not disapointed in my Jacket when these new ones come out with their new features and what not, assuming they arnt exactly the same
  17. So, how do the waterproof or winter liners work? Do they zip inside the jacket or is it a slip on plastic vest arrangement?

    I have a Spidi Mesh jacket which is brilliant in days like the weekend just gone. But it has a nylon-ish vest that you put on under the jacket. So the jacket still gets wet, but parts of you supposedly stay dry.

    My solution is a Motodry wet weather jacket made of similar material that I put on OVER the Spidi mesh jacket. If it's cold a jumper goes on under the Spidi. I am then kept dry and warm.
  18. Yes both layers zip out.
  19. Are they full sleeve or vest type? If the latter then I can't see the point of it.

    What zips out first? And how bulky does the jacket feel with both inserted?
  20. Are you talking about the jacket, or the liners?

    Oh, maybe i should read your full question, let you know in 2 days

    Also ordered some dri mesh gloves, better keep me cool!