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dririder climate control 2 - crash test?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by chokpa, Jul 7, 2010.

  1. Hi guys,

    Thinking of picking up one of these for $250. Been searching the net but haven't found that many reviews of its durability (esp since its an australian brand). If anyone knows about its roadworthiness (or lack thereof) please share.

    I'll be wearing this to commute and possible go on some 'joy' rides on the 250. But nothing fast or crazy since i'm an L.

    I'm throwing up this or a textile from an overseas website. Recommendations welcome =D>

  2. I don't know about the Climate Control jacket. I've got a Rallycross Evo with the upgrade kit (CE armour and thermal liner, basically) which I've been using on an everyday basis for 3.5 years.

    Pros: Good fit, comfy, warm with thermal liner and cool without it. Crashed very well with only minor abrasion and one missing popper after quite a long slide. The armour did its job.

    Cons: Only waterproof with waterproof liner which is like wearing a Doritos bag and can't be used in conjunction with thermal liner. All the little tabs and tags for hanging it up and holding the liner sleeves down fell off within months. Velcro at cuffs is very small and requires care to fasten. Awkward in gloves. Dealer did not have upgrade kit in stock, nor did DriRider. Took months to deliver but did provide a pair of mesh gloves in compensation. They weren't that great either. Very expensive for what you get and the quality of finish.

    In short, I would buy another DriRider jacket but I wouldn't pay anything like full rrp for it. I'd look around for closeouts and specials, where the bargains live.
  3. Cheers.

    Yeah i'm more worried about the crash resistance than anything else. Don't plan on riding in the rain and will actively avoid it. Hopefully i'll only be in the wet a few times.

    I'm hoping to pick it up for $200. I'm wondering if i can pick up something better from o/s for that price.
  4. ah cheers Geeth. I was looking at bargainbikebits who had it for the same price but I wouldve had to pay shipping.

    If i get off work fast enough then ill go to MCAS tonight and do some buying :) Gotta pick up a helmet too at the least
  5. My boss actually has this jacket - Just foind out.
    He is very happy with it.
    I asked about the liners as it has been mentioned above. You can have both liners in together. The wet weather on goes in first then the thermal one. He isn't 100% if you can have them independant or if you have to have both in at once.
  6. to be honest i'm more concerned about protection than being wet. Rather catch a cold then catch gravel rash :nopity:

    Will be going to MCAS tonight and checking it out
  7. The quality of dririder gear is pretty decent. It obviously wont be as good as leather but it should do the job.
    I have crashed in textile at 50 - 60 km/h and the jacket was rooted, but I was fine. If you are that concerned about the level of protection then, maybe you should be looking at leather.
  8. Since you were up to spending $250 anyway, check out leather jackets. I got my Joe Rocket for $299 from BGW. If I ever have a slide then that's the one out of my 3 jackets I want to to be wearing! Its nice and warm too.

    MCAS might have similar offerings, worth a look and dont be afraid to ask for a discount.
  9. guys, bought the climate control 2. The only medium left at MCAS Auburn.

    Heftier and sturdier than I expected.

    Now to get a helmet, gloves, boots, pants, rego and insurance :p
  10. sound advice
  11. yeah depending on circumstances ill be upgrading to leather depending on how i end up riding. weekend warrior or commuter - depends