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Dririder City tank bag

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by demuire, Nov 12, 2005.

  1. I have just gotten one of these, and I have a question about setting it up. It comes with a long soft plastic strip, and looking at the inside of the bag, it looks like it's meant to go around the inside to give the bag more body. However, it's too wide to properly fit in the guides, and too long anyway. What is this plastic strip actually for? Or am I meant to trim it to fit?

  2. it's for inside the bag if you want to protect something you're carrying from being crushed.
  3. Does it secure to the inside of the bag at all? Or does it just sit in the bag?

    There is what looks to be a guide along the top edge (near the handle), and two more at the bottom edge, that look like it's supposed to be threaded through.
  4. there will be guides sewn into the bag to feed it through. I had a voyager tankbag, and it had the same thing, but nothing to say what to do with it. stupid, isnt it? just hunt around on the inside of the bag and you will find it. from memeory, I think it didnt go all the way around, it just went around the sides and back, or the sides and front. but the city might be different.
  5. revken: Yup, it has guides sewn in. Two one ended ones on the bottoms, and a big double ended one along the top edge. The only problem is, the plastic is marginally too wide for the guides, and is too long. Maybe they just made one generic plastic strip for all their bags?
  6. you just need to work it through. there will be just enough give in it to get it through. Its tricky, but if it were loose it wouldnt stay in. give it a try and be patient, just work in through.
  7. Struggled for about half an hour with it, gave up and cut about 5mm off the edge. Fed it through, and cut about 4.5 inches off the end, now it fits properly :)
  8. lol yep that happens too. good on ya, initiative :D