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DriRider Apex

Discussion in 'Jackets' at netrider.net.au started by Unconnected, Jul 22, 2011.

  1. DriRider Apex Jacket - Cheap and good!

    I bought this jacket about a month ago for when i started riding, the primary goals of buying it was a way for me to stay warm and protected in canberras winter conditions.

    So far im extremely pleased with this jacket, considering it cost only $200.

    It has ce foam armor in shoulders, elbows and a back panel, and the jacket is made from 600D cordura, which apparently is quite a high grade.

    So far the jacket is very good, i have been doing lots of riding over the past month, at highway speeds and in very cold conditions down to -3. I generally wear a thermal top, and two thin wool jumpers (very thin, like as thin as thermals pretty much) and then a cotton shirt on top so i look more normal with a jacket off.

    And with that on underneath, i am never cold ever, even doing 10 hour days touring through sub 10 temperatures.

    Not to sure about the waterproofness, i am yet to ride it in the rain, but it seems like it will be good, the outside zips are sealed, and there is a double overlay of waterproof material on the front zip.

    Overall, for $200 i dont think this can be beaten, good range of colours and styles, comfortable to wear and very warm with CE protection where you want it.

    I recommend it to any new rider looking to save some cash, or someone who wants a winter jacket, but doenst want to spend that much money on getting one.

    (i bought it for $200 at bikebiz sydney)
  2. I am decked out in the APEX 2 jacket and Air Ride pants from Dririder. The pants are way too big and the knee caps are down at my shins, which is very annoying until you adjust in the seating position on the bike (through summer/learning I have just been wearing old jeans). I'm pretty sure they are as currently priced at BikeBiz ($160ea) - http://www.bikebiz.com.au/products/Dririder-Apex-2-Jacket-Black.html

    I took the inserts out of the jacket straight away and the jacket is still very well insulated and warm, should be good in winter. Adjustable velcro straps and zips. The front is a bit complicated with a zip, buttons and 2 velcro sections, sheesh!

    All in all a great jacket for all weather conditions, although I haven't riden in cold/wet weather yet.
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