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DriRider Alpine Jacket

Discussion in 'Jackets' at netrider.net.au started by Lazy Libran, May 8, 2011.

  1. Been using it since 21st April and must say that it has been a really good buy. I wanted something which was waterproof, winterproof and could be worn in warm weather as well.

    Have used it almost every day since then (Only have 1 jacket at the moment as well) and also got caught in the rain a few days back when coming back from work. No problems there. I was a Dry Rider that evening. :)

    On one of the warm days, took the thermal lining out and it became a summer jacket.

    MCAS link HERE

    My Rating: 4/5
  2. disappointing buy. after 8 weeks, and a couple of trips in heavy rain, first week of winter, took mine back demanded a refund. (got an rjays instead)

    had lots of promise, the vents looked great to cater for those hot moments but still retaining the upshot of an an "alpine" jacket, but honestly, just didn't live up to the expection.

    don't get me wrong, was great on warmish days to be able to open the vents on the arms, back, and pull the flaps open on the front to let the air straight into the torso area, but, beyond this, massive disappointment.

    design flaws;
    - isn't 100% water proof at all, after a period of mine was letting in water along the front seam (as the seam is made up of press studs and velcro in a O==O==O pattern seemed like water was oozing in between the edge of the press start and the start of the velcro)
    - also lets water in the vent-zips inside the arms (for some reason all the other zips have waterproof seals on the outside, or a waterproof liner on the inside, except those ones, which have neither? water just comes straight in the zip!! )
    - cold weather liner doesnt meet/overlap/zip at the front so even with all the full winter gear in i still had to wear a jumper as the cold was coming straight in a 2" strip from top to bottom at the very front.

    dont get me wrong, the dririder was okay for light rain, but Queensland has been getting torrential rains, and 100% waterproof, should mean exactly that. I didn't spent $320 on a jacket that says its 100% waterproof, to get home wet on both chest and arms

    obvious manufacturing defects with my jacket;
    - paint coming off zips & rusting (so much for stainless steel?).
    - cuff adjustments are velcro tab glued to a rubber strip. on one cuff the velcro & rubber seperated entirely so i had the velcro fabric bit, and then this rubber flap just swining in the breeze i couldnt do anything with.
    - threads coming out at multiple places

    this is a jacket that was purchased on 9/4/2011 (and returned last week)

    i had high hopes for this jacket, but it wasn't anywhere near as comfortable as it felt in the shop when at speed, letting in water, and falling apart. when i took it back they took one look at it and immediately offered me a refund.

    i went and got an rjays from the same store, straight away i could feel the difference. no space age vents on the front to lift up, but on the ride home i was snug as a bug in rug, instead of being cold & uncomfortable. when it rains, i stay dry, instead of having a big wet patch on the front of my shirt. no glue to come apart as everything is stitched, mostly double, and i got money back in my pocket as the rjays was less than the dririder. in retrospect, compared to the rjays, the dririder just feels like cheap imported junk with an over inflated price tag.

    i dont have the capacity to open the jacket on-the-go with the flip-vent things with the rjays, i have to stop and rip the liner out, but hey, id rather it take a bit longer and have the jacket that is fit-for-purpose than have some new fangled vents on a jacket which just isn't up to the task.

    maybe i just got a shitty jacket in terms of it falling apart after 2 months, but 100% waterproof my arse.
  3. :) Why will I get you wrong? I'm just a customer like yourself. After writing this review, my cuff adjustments (velcro & rubber strips) on the left hand side, got seperated as well but I just used super glue to join it back together.

    Apaprt from that, I havent had any other major issues except after one rainy ride, I felt a little bit of dampness/moisture in the front outer pocket where the phone was kept.

    Will def have a look at RJays when I want my second jacket. Thanks.