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dririder airmesh summer jacket

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by alice, Jul 17, 2006.

  1. although it's definately not the right weather for a summer jacket right now, i do want to make sure i've got some good protective clothing for summer thats not going to hard-boil me in 5 minutes.

    anyone who has the dririder airmesh summer jacket, how is it? how is the fit/comfort, how is the ventilation, and to any unlucky s.o.b, how effective is the protection offered by this jacket in those unfortunate situations?

  2. I dont have a dri-rider mesh jacket, but I have been using an alpinestar mesh jacket for the last few years now, and i am quite happy with it during warm to hot days (also has wind resistant liner that can be pulled out) and hard armour.

    In a crash, slow speeds, ie 60 - 80km/h, I am sure the jacket will do its job (although you may need a new jacket after this)
  3. Fantastic for ventillation.
    Haven't run it down the road thus far.
  4. I've got one and love it. The ventilation is great, especially if you take the waterproof liner out.
  5. I also have a Dririder Airmesh jacket (a blue one). Though it doesn't get very cold here in Brissie it is very comfy with all the liners in and nice and cool without. Have no idea how it will go sliding down the bitumen at 60kph and i hope i never find out. Very good all weather kit.
  6. dririder have 2 vented jackets - the climate control 'drimesh' jacket is dearer but comes standard with a removable liner - the armour is a little more robust than the "airmesh" jacket, however, i don't know if the extra foam in the body effects the venting. I have an airmesh jacket and it's brilliant in the heat - I also got the optional liner $50, i wouldn't wear it on a long wet ride but it is ok for short runs in wet weather. the armour is light, don't know how it would perform, still it is armour. I did a 400 km day ride on a mid 30's degree day last summer and was very comfortable. I commuted across the city with all summer and it did well. I pair the jacket up with draggins, but intend to buy the airmesh pants this summer (for the knee and hip protection).
  7. Why dont you just buy the knee and hip armour that draggin sell to go with your draggin pants?

    I have a Dririder rally cross jacket....It is also vented, comes with waterproof liner and has provision for camelpack. I love it, the only thing I would say I don't like is that it's black and in the summer I get very hot when stopped in traffic.
  8. I have the Dri-mesh "Climate Control" Jacket with the two liners. It's great in summer and the wind/water proof liner keeps you dry even in heavy rain (I've tested it :wink: ) It also keeps you warm in coolish weather. The quilted liner is great for winter and even on just above 0 days I'm still warm. I use it all year round and its been great. I haven't chucked it down the road so I can't comment there. I reckon it would probably do its job but would most likely destroy itself in the process.

    Value for money = 8/10
    Comfort = 8/10
    Protection (elements) = 9/10
    Protection (off) = ?

    Overall I'd recomend to anyone.