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Dririder Air-ride2?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by CHOPS1, Dec 12, 2011.

  1. Has anyone had any experience with the Dririder air-ride 2 jackets?

    Looking for a cooler summer jacket.


  2. hey Chops, I bought one a few weeks ago and absolutely love it. The arms are a little bit long but once I've adjusted them and on the bike, I don't really notice. Re moveable lining is great too! I've been using it without the lining and the airflow is really good throughout the jacket, but it was a little chilly one night so I chucked the lining back in and it worked a treat.

    The RRP is $199 so I doubt shopping around will get you a better deal at this point in the year. Great value for money jacket IMO, my only regret is not getting a black and blue one like I had originally intended.
  3. Thanks for that MOrrrph, i might treat myself for xmas. I have an alpinestars leather jacket from when i had my other bike years ago, but i find i swelter in that being dark blue on a hot day.
  4. I've got one and agree with everything M0rrrph has said. Good gear.

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  5. You won't regret it! How big are you? I'm a bigger guy and had to try on a few different sizes, they have a really good size range (up to 8XL) so you should be covered!
  6. They are so light weight through the body, its an awesome feeling.
    Plenty of adjustment too.

    Unfortunate thing about them is its not CE rated armour, feels a little flismy.
    Also vecros will make a mess of the mesh it you catch it repeatedly.
  7. Hi there, how has the jacket held up for you over time? I'm thinking of getting this jacket maybe next week for a spring/summer jacket
  8. Hey Geoffrius, I'd love to hear about how the jacket has held up for you as well. Thinking of this jacket as a spring/summer jacket in Sydney
  9. The mesh has gotten a bit worn (from the velcro catching onto it) and one of the material-hanger-thingys that hangs off the arm zip came off, but apart from that it's still holding up well. With the inner lining in, I freeze my b@lls off when going for a ride, hopefully not for much longer with better weather just around the corner.

    Overall I'm still happy with it, would buy again for sure =D
  10. I own one and I'm pretty happy with it. I mainly use it for when I ride to work or going on "non-spirited" rides. On my blasts, I prefer to put on the leather. I use it all year around, and will only use the water proof lining if it's actually raining.

    The biggest pro is the price. Can't beat it! It's only $159 at http://www.sunstatemotorcycles.com.au/store/dri-rider-air-ride-jacket.html and I think $10 for shipping (or not much more than that). Definitely best price on the interweb, and you still get quality.

    However, I do agree with some of the cons made earlier. The mesh gets a little worn from the velcro getting caught on it. That's more reflective of a design issue, not the quality. I haven't had anything break or come off of it either. The armour is really only foam, hence the reason putting on my A* leather for more spirited rides.
  11. Sweet! Thanks guys, I'm thinking of getting this for warmer weather riding, and then maybe the dririder symmetry for colder weather riding. Does that sound like a good combo?
  12. Honestly, considering you're in Sydney, I think you can get by all year around with the Air Ride 2. You can easily wear a jumper or hoodie underneath it in the winter to make it warm enough. No need to spend the extra cash in a winter jacket if you don't need to. Definitely this winter, there was no need for a winter jacket. Just get a pair of winter gloves.
  13. That's gr
    That's great to hear! Thanks man, appreciate it. My only reservation is the looks, I want a casual looking jacket - I don't like technical-looking ones and branding logos. I want simple and clean lines like the dririder symmetry. How I wish the Symmetry had cooling vents so I could wear it during hot days.
  14. Would anyone be willing to post a photo of themselves with the jacket on? I only have the product shots I see online, it might not look as technical as they seem to be (I hope)