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Dririder 2 Summit jacket - Leakage?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by RockVFR, Apr 26, 2007.

  1. I'm just about to part with my hard earned for one of these, good fit, nice and warm but one major thing I want to make sure of before I buy is that it doesnt leak. My current jacket has a leak spot near my groin down where it folds over when I'm on the bike. Has anyone rain tested it? Like in heavy rain?


  2. Dont know about the summit jacket but my dririder nordic 4 is spot on. Love it.
  3. I got dumped on big time in mine....thre was inch deep water on the road, gloves drenched, boots full of water byt the jacket stayed dry. Well worth the $$$$$
  4. +1 was soaked apart form the jacket.......can't recommend highly enough.

    Dririder gloves got soaked through (waterproof ones) but were replaced without fuss.....haven't tested the new pair yet.
  5. Dririder Freeway jacket + Dririder Stormguard pants + Dririder Gloves + Thomas Cook Waterproof boots.

    Only bit that got wet was the bottom of my shirt where I hadn't tucked it into the pants and the water off my petrol tank ran up the inside of my jacket (riding a cruiser). I didn't notice it till I got off the bike.
  6. DRI-rider?

    I'm off my Summit2 jacket--used in prolonged rain at speed, it developed a damp patch on the stomach. I could live with a tiny patch, but that downpour last Sunday morning in Perth as I was leaving for home saw a very wet patch develop in the same place, and I had it for the whole 600k's home. Could be where it folds as you lean forward? Didn't leak as badly on the 1200GS , more upright riding position? No leaks elsewhere, even through the zip vents. As for Dri-rider gloves (Nordic), they soaked through from the first time I used them in serious rain. :mad: Nordic pants have been ok, if you call bulky and uncomfortable off the bike OK. I have taken to wearing leather touring pants (Torrini) , and carry a light, compact pair of over pants for rain. Small package in the tankbag or wherever. Next time in the big smoke I'll be after the equivilant for my leather jacket, and probably forget about the Summit except for extreme cold. DRY cold. :) Oh, and Rossi goretex-lined boots(can't remember model ) have been very good.