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Drinking liquid nitrogen is a thing now?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by snuff3r, Oct 9, 2012.

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  2. evolution has evolved. it's survival of the fittest shining through in a nanny society.
  3. Clearly didn't watch enough Big Bang.

    Wow, just wow.
  4. She won't have to worry about getting fat in old age.
  5. The biggest tragedy here is that they didn't have to remove her ovaries at the same time to take her out of the gene pool.
  6. Hell yeah! Can I get some dry ice and a sprinkling of sodium in mine too please?

    To quote a mates granny:

    "No wonder the world is going to pot, we killed off all our best and brightest in the world wars."
  7. Its pretty common, they were doing it on master chef last year and they have them in a cocktail joint in the cross.

    Probably not any more.

    If it was a chemistry student it would warrant some derision, but someone buying something at the bar that seriously injured them is not remotely funny.
  8. Nothing unsafe about using liquid nitrogen in food/drink though. The problem's people gulping it down while there's still "smoke" coming out of it, and is therefore right up there with people burning themselves on cups of hot coffee or hot plates because they're too impatient/stupid to wait a minute or two.

    Of course what this story will probably mean is a whole bunch of people who never even thought of putting liquid nitrogen in cocktails will now want to try it - much like what happened after that other idiot killed themself drinking redbull and vodka.
  9. If you read the article you'll find:
    - she was at a bar celebrating someone birthday (so maybe pissed)
    - the liquid nitrogen wasn't the main constituent of the drink (mishap unintentional)
    - it was standard practice to add it to some of the cocktails served at the bar (for visual effect)
    - she may not have been adequately warned of the risks
    - she may have had no background knowledge of chemistry to draw on
    - its not clear what quantity was incorporated into the drink (bartender fuck-up?)

    Hence the comments implying the stupidity is all hers are a tad unfair.
  10. and a million years ago you could be minding your own business picking daisies in a field on the serengetti plain and get your ass lunched on by an apex predator who was looking for morning tea.... not your fault, you're not stupid (?) but it's survival of the fittest none the less.

    equally... without a PHD in chemicals you may have eaten the wrong mushroom and died.... or you could have watched the first monkey kark it and decided not to.
  11. She still drank something that had "smoke" coming out of it. Not the sort of thing you can do unwillingly or unintentionally pissed or sober., and the amount of nitrogen added is irrelevant (it's not safe to drink until all the nitrogen has boiled off so using more just means waiting longer).

    I'm also guessing the use of liquid nitrogen was something the bar would have been making a big deal about in order to charge exorbitant prices for their drinks. Probably the very reason they were in that particular bar for her birthday. To drink something without understanding the potential risks, is stupid.
  12. Dumb drink to make.
    Dumb drink to drink.
  13. um wait up a mo ! ... so you're telling us that you have never done something stupid when you were pissed?:-s :rofl:

    Alcohol + dangerous substance ... like that aint gunna end badly:roll:. :beer:
  14. The ambulance chasers will be gathering around deciding who to sue, she will be painted as the victim, trust me.
  15. How long would it take to evaporate after imbibing? I'm a bit surprised it caused her any damage at all.
  16. She probably wouldn't be in hospital if she let out a big belch.

    It is probably not that different than drinking a carbonated drink too fast.
  17. :-s But being pissed does not make it any less stupid, or remove any accountability for a person's actions (you choose to get pissed, you accept the consequences).
  18. Those of you talking about how its dangerous to use in food...

    In the age of molecular gastronomy, it is used to make ice cream in like 20 seconds.. its used for visual effects etc etc..
    as ogden said, the bar tender may have put too much in, she didn't wait until it was safe to drink etc.. there are a lot of variables to this.. so implying the girl is stupid is not fair.
    its common to use liquid nitrogen in a lot of foods/drinks as i said in the age of molecular gastronomy.

    so far this is the only case i have read/heard of where it has been used and resulted in ANY injury.
  19. 500ml of soft drink contains around 1L of CO2 gas (at room temp.) - so roughly an expansion ratio of 2:1.

    Liquid nitrogen has an expansion factor of roughly 700:1. So even just a couple of mls of liquid nitrogen making it into your stomach is easily enough to exceed its maximum volume (especially if it already has a full nights worth of drinking and kebabs in it).

    Science can be useful :).