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Drink up girls!!.....

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Tweetster, Mar 9, 2010.

  1. Women who drink a couple of glasses of red wine, beer or spirits a day are better at keeping the pounds off than women who do not drink at all, according to a study published Monday.

    ...sorry... doesn't mention the benefits for you guys!!.... :D

  2. only because of the extra sex
  3. In unrelated news, liquor industry devotes funding to obesity study :p
  4. ...pwoberbbly tooooooo shlosched to eat anyfing!!..... hic!!.....8-[
  5. I never sure where they get these "journalists".

    Because you drink a couple of glasses of wine a day means you will lose weight???

    Or is it that people that have a healthy attitude to alcohol ie "a couple of glasses" not blutered, tend to also have an healthy attitude to food aswell???

    **** me it's not rocket science.
  6. stigger, shut up.

  7. It doesn't need to tell us the benefits. We all already know :LOL:

  8. Chicks encouraged to drink more alchohol? I can think of some...

  9. Or simply get off your ass and exercise FFS!

    i had an ex who had it in her mind that smoking and drinking copious amounts of tea was keeping her weight in check.](*,)
  10. That, or drinking copious amounts of alcohol is a good alternative to sticking fingers down your throat.

    do you know that Alcohol is transformed by the body into acetate ( an acid in nail polish remover) and that it becomes a free floating form of energy in the blood stream that the body will use as energy as its fast and potent.

    Then add to this alcohol some food and what happens - well because there is all that acetate floating around in your body the food goes into fat cell storage

    Alcoholics - tend to be skinny because they do not eat -- their body is powered by the acetate
  12. Bullshit study.... Guess what? Your liver will need to metabolise all the alcohol before it will allow any fatty acid metabolism. That is as long as alcohol is in the system. Fat burning is switched off!
  13. How many pro bodybuilders do you see at 2am in the pub.... That aren't bikies in the cross!
  14. Alcamahole is good for your sanity though :p
  15. Im sure its another correlation vs causation issue.

    You could probably prove that riding a harley increases your risk of being obese, but showing causation is obviously silly.
  16. ...Yeap!!... I drink "cause" I like it!!...... :woot:

  17. Shut up.

  18. ..I'm seeing a pattern to your posts on this thread Ibast!!... :-k

  19. You are a very observant young lady. Can i buy you a drink?
  20. =D>