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Drink Riding

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by say_wat, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=fa8_1234700677

    Hate to see a biker down, but no sympathy for drunk drivers. They deserve everything they get and more.

  2. "Get down" was a bit redundant wasn't it?
  3. Love the way they only use the necessary force & check to make sure he wasn't hurt before kneeling on him. :applause: :roll:

    Looks like he may have intentionally laid it over though, that or was really drunk
  4. i love how when the cop is struggling to get the glove off he punches it :dance:

    :rofl: check it out @ 1:19. the one who is kneeling on his sweet pedrosa Arai
  5. The older I get the more I hate cops.

    The guy was laying on the ground all but incapacitated and these two knuckle-draggers race over and give him a workout, trying to put handcuffs on him, when clearly neither activity was absolutely necessary at that stage.

    There's a reason that Australian cops learn to put handcuffs on properly and there a reason for the unwritten rule that the driving officer doesn't do it.
  6. Ok, why? I'm not too familiar with hand cuffs so far.
  7. I assume because he'd be mighty pissed as he had to chase, and therefore more inclined to a little bit of heavy handedness :grin:.
  8. this is a bad thing?

    also, if your going to run, i wouldnt give you the benefit of the doubt either, doubly so in the gun nation. I'd secure you, and pat you down. If you ran, crashed, and got injuries exarcerbated by the arrest technique, tough titties princess.
  9. Absolutely, you'd have something to say about it if you were on the other end , I know I would.

    Say it was a spinal injury & after that you couldn't ever walk again? Maybe with the correct treatment you could have. Sure you ran & you made that decision, but that doesn't mean you should be treated as subhuman.
  10. Adrenalin mainly. Drivers have been known to beat the shit out of offenders and thus causing all sorts of complications with courts cases even if you're not offended by the lopsided brutality of it.
  11. Would your opinion change if they'd wiped out a family, butl ived?
  12. Now the ifs and buts start. How drunk was he? He might have had a couple and the rest of his disorientation may have been due to the prang.

    The reality is it's outside the cops jurisdiction to pass judgment on the guy. So they are not allowed to hand out punishment. If they do it is corruption.
  13. I didnt see any punishment. Just cops securing a guy who tried to run from them and endangered the public, and didn't even stop of his own free will. He could have "come to" at any moment and come up swinging, and armoured with a jacket/helmet.

    No bleeding sympathy here.
  14. I would agree that the officers were slow to get the cuffs on but viewing the video you can see that the rider was giving some passive resistance by straightening his arms out and not letting them be moved behind his back. They may be more heavy handed than cops here but they have had more to deal with than our cops with regards to armed offenders.

    Where you got that information regarding police drivers not cuffing, I could not say?!? What about when the cop is one up. I have to say that is not true that and your assertion that "Drivers have been known to beat the shit out of offenders" is a load of bull. Where are your facts taken from. It is purely supposition. If a police officer tried to use supposition in a court he would get his arse kicked. What makes you think you have that right when they don't?
  15. this is a forum and thats a court room
  16. I agree with liquidity - no punishment seen. Just to officers having trouble trying to arrest someone who has already run from police. I believe that is frowned upon in some states in america (If you believe "Cops").

    And to be honest, if an officer did exact some form of physical "punishment" then it would be "Police Brutality" not corruption. For it to be corruption he would have had to have taken a bribe or something similar. If he had beaten the bloke on the orders of a Mafia Don, then that would have been corruption.
  17. Fair point. But it cheapens a thread if someone is going to spread information as if it is fact and sound authoritative when in fact they have no idea what they are talking about. My point being is that he can act as if he is taking the moral high ground then back it up with the same sort of credibility that they would be judged by to make it fair, rather than simply muck slinging. Hence the reference to court.
  18. No. It's not up to the police, to pass judgment, that is for the courts to decide. What concerns me is that they didn't even check if he was hurt. Supposedly he is innocent until proven guilty, this means he has the same rights as the rest of us until he is charged for whatever crime he may have commited & locked away.

    Edit: Listened to the audio better, they do check if he's ok, but after about a minute of kneeling on the guy, then they have to ask if he's even concious???? For all they know the guy they are handcuffing is unconscious. Seems a bit over the top.
  19. You'll have to take my word that my knowledge of the NSW police force a number of years ago is rather interment. If that’s not good enough for you then that’s your problem.

    You’ll also notice that I referred to it as an unwritten rule. What I meant by that is that there is no law to say it can’t happen, but it is Police procedure for it not to happen. If there is only one cop then, as was rightly pointed out, there is an exception, but the truth is most chases in Australia attract more than one cop car very quickly.

    It is my opinion, based on the knowledge I have and the number of cuffings I’ve witnessed (in Australia), that the force used in that incident was significantly more than necessary. In NSW most officers could single handedly could execute a cuffing on a submissive suspect in around ¼ of that time.

    My previously professional opinion of that clip would be that both cops were over excited, heavy handed and executed their job very poorly. At best.