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drink riding on Plenty Rd.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by doug mech eng, Aug 23, 2007.

  1. I was driving back home one night a few weeks ago. I was heading north on Plenty Rd. As i came over a rise, i saw flashing lights up ahead. It was a booze bus. I slowed down as the traffic started to bank up behind the bus. One of my passengers noticed this bloke on - what looked like - a black, fairly recent, gsx-600 or 750. He had ridden his bike up on the footpath and was running along beside it in the hope of avoiding the booze bus. He had the dark of night on his side, but the place was fairly well lit up by street lights. Anyway, we got waved on (not having to stop) and i never got to see if he got busted. We were expecting him to zip past us later, but he never did.

    It was funny to watch, but i think he's an idiot for wanting to ride a motorbike with even the smallest amount of alcohol in his system - let alone being over .05 BAC to warrent trying to avoid the bus.

    I suppose another possiblity is that the bike was stolen... or he was unlicensed...


  2. Or he actually lived where the bus was and just stopped @ home therefore why you didn't see him zip past :)
  3. hehe i know of a certain someone that rode home drunk on a bike they borowed from me, while they were on a consequtive license suspension. The first suspension was for drink driving the second was driving while suspended.

    Thell always be idiots out there
  4. & the person who let the unlicensed drunk borrow the bike is
    idiot no. 2
  5. You read my thoughts, MG. :LOL:.
  6. Pot. Kettle. Who is the bigger idiot - the person that rides drunk, or the person that lends the drunk a bike? :roll: Would be a very hard choice to make I think.
  7. he would hold up a good case though? there is no proof of him riding, his bike broke down while at a mates and thought it would be an idea just to wheel it back home so it doesnt get stolen ? no laws against that...
  8. I think you would find keys in possession the filth would ask for proof that it was broken down and when it started they would do him for drink driving/riding.

    As a friend of mine got done drink driving for starting her car for her friend to drive as it was a biatch to start
  9. :LOL:
  10. you guys are getting way ahead of yourself in the flaming of "zbike" for allowing someone to ride his streetfightered 1987 gpx land speed record holding machine while drunk, i think its quiet understandable, who would want to ride it sober?
  11. lol that's funny man

    i think in his drunk mind he tried to mock the police
  12. lol that funny, i was riding home last night from the mystery ride allong napean hwy and got waver through a booze bus set up.

    had the visor up and was crawling past and the cop just said dont worry about it and waved me on.

    i wonder if he was thinking that most bikes wouldnt ride with any alc in there blood like i wouldnt...or maybe they just wernt ready or something.

    anyone else get done by that one last night???

  13. Haha thats funny.

    Mate of mine got done on his road reg dirt bike. Saw the cops ahead and decided to go hide in the bushland off the side of the road for a while until they left. A short time later the cops drive up to him and put him on the bag. When he asked them how they found him, they told him that he left his blinker on and they could see him from a long way away. :roll:
  14. He was crouching beside his bike too...
  15. +1 and you would have had to live with the consequences of lending him the bike if he had injured or killed some innocent person. Think next time b4 being so stupid. :)
  16. Lets not go into the fact that the vehicle was effectively uninsured as well.
  17. Erm, it's possible that zbike had loaned the guy his bike for a couple of days, and was completely frustrated and angry when he found the dude had ridden it drunk. Probably unhelpful to start flaming without the full story. Of course, he *did* lend the bike to an unlicensed person with a bit of a history...
  18. Thanks for giving him a reason he can use to try redeem himself. [​IMG]
    If that was the case, he wouldve come back straight away & said so.

    The reason he hasent is because he knows he got OWNED. :LOL:
  19. Ahahahahahahaha :rofl: