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Drink and Ride?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by middo, Feb 9, 2012.

  1. I know this has probably been done before, but since I am booze free for a month 8-[ it got me wondering.

    How many out there ride after having a drink? And if you do, how much drink?

    I've only ever ridden once after having three stubbies of mid strength beer, but I didn't like the feeling that I was not in complete control. Haven't ridden with alcohol in the system since.
  2. once only ever in 20+ years and that was 200m up the road. for me its not so much about the loss of control as the feeling you're more in control that makes it dangerous.
  3. I'll have a beer or two and ride.
  4. as a rule i won't drive or ride if i've had more than one.
    i have this ingrained fear of my kids living with my sister if something happened to me

    but also, i've been told (unofficially) that drink-driving laws are different for me being a professional driver and i can't afford to lose my job
  5. harley have an optional cup holder,
    kuryakin make handlebar mounted ones,

    but most people just use the saddlebags as eskys
  6. Do not take that lid off it, Its not stirred, But well shaken, Hahahaha
  7. My limit is one and only for short within suburb rides...........

    I dont have fuzzy senses after one drink but am not comfortable riding after even just one..........so I do try to avoid this.
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  9. The thread topic brings back some memories from the days when I was young & stupid. Hmmm...

    But that was a different time & a different hemisphere. Would never do it now.
  10. Used to allow myself a couple of pints over the course of two or three hours. That was back when I drank a lot more than I now do and so didn't feel particularly affected at that point.

    Won't generally now drink before riding, although I wouldn't regard one beer as likely to be a problem.
  11. 0 BAC for me. But sometimes I'd love to b able to catch up with mates for dinner at the pub and have just one beer instead coke. I don't think one beer in the space of a couple of hours would impairr my riding or decison making.
  12. Well being on p plates, no i haven't, and even when i get my full license... still no, i guess i just agree with statistics about drink driving.

    its never a good idea.
  13. also who needs it when you got a bike to ride.

    i'm bikeless atm and drink like a fish...
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  14. When riding. zero drinking

    Only way to keep things crystal clear.
  15. I generally don't drink much anyway so I won't let the bike stop a lone beer with food.
  16. Just ocassionally ill have one drink and realise i want food too.
    Then ill go get food on the bike as one drink doesnt do diddly squat to me lol.

    I do have a general rule though, more than 3 drinks and no ridey. That way can have a few drinkies with friends and still ride.
  17. I am self imposed 0.0 now. I once had a 50cc scooter that I would ride home smashed when I was younger, and I am talking lunch pub session that lasted till 10pm.. Dumb shit.
  18. 0.0 for me.
  19. My limit is 0.0499999999, never go past that.

    When i was on my ps i sometimes used to go to the local nightclub in the country town where i lived and didnt drink but instead every hour and a half or so would go on a 15 minute throttle to the stop blast through the fog on country roads, that would keep me amped. Good times
  20. ^^ I'm the same, happy to drink but I'll keep it below 0.05 because I love my license so much. Otherwise, there's no big deal. Motorcycles and beer are well suited. Let's not get the conservatives.