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Drilling on Renthal bars???

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by munecito, Mar 29, 2007.

  1. Hey.

    I have a renthal bar that I would like to fit to the KLE, the problem is that the indicator switch assemblies have some pins that go into little holes on the original bar.

    I was wondering how safe it is to drill some holes for these pins in the renthal? My common sense says don't so it because the renthals are aluminium and it will weak them and they could snap in the event of an off.

    In the Dominator I just filed back the pins on the indicator assembly and it was good. But I am a little bit concerned that if I file the pins in the KLE they could argue if some electrical problem appears down the track.

    Any ideas people?


  2. It will depend on how big the holes need to be. Cant see an issue with a few mm. Do the holes need to go right through?
  3. Not sure, will need a micrometer or a bernier caliper to check, but most likely they will have to go trought the whole wall.

    Apparently it has been done by a lot of people according to google. But I'm going to have to investigate further before getting drill happy.


  4. Hey ya bastard, what are ya doing with your old bars??

  5. Keeping them in storage until I sell the bike or until Karina makes me get rid of them.

    Anyway, you don't want them, you want renthals $69 for old models at MCAS. Lighter and sexier for the long legged screaming girl you bought.

    Let me fit the renthals and I may give the old one to you if you want it.

  6. i've drilled renthals and crashed and they held up fine. i've drilled cheapo mx bars and crashed and they didn't fail at the drill hole.

    i drilled the hole to the required size then deburred the mouth of the hole with a slightlty oversized drill bit. i guess it would reduce the chance of a stress point.

    ps, i only drilled the hole in the throttle side. on the indicators side, i cut the knob off the switchgear.
  7. Thanks NAM. I'll have a look at that.

  8. I have recently converted my GSXR1100 into a streetfighter. I had similar knobs in my switchgear so I filed them off, If you tighten the switch gear on tight enough, it doesnt swivel around.