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Drilling holes in my blackbird's exhaust - Will it help?

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Brenton, Oct 10, 2006.

  1. Hi All,

    I have a 2005 BB with stock cans. A mate has suggested I drill holes in the end of the exhausts to improve the sound quality.

    Has anyone done this? Does it sound alright after being done or will I be wasting drill bits?

  2. speed holes aye?

  3. mmm, speed holes...

    Dunno about the blackbird but I did it to the stock can on the 600 and it sounded heaps better. When I had to get it tested (bloody next door I think) I just put big self tappers in the holes and then it was back to normal.

    Then I pissed it off and put an aftermarket one on.

    I doubt you'll get any real performance gains but a loud bike is always good so long as you don't live next door to it. :wink:
  4. Spend money and buy aftermarket cans. Or, if you really want the backyard-blitz look and stuff up two perfectly good exhaust no one will now give you money for, start drilling.

    I can only imagine your mate is having a lend of you to see if you're silly enough to drill holes in a perfectly good exhaust system. What are you going to do if someone (ie cops or other professional "helpers") notice someone took a Bosch to the cans?

    I met a guy who did something similar once so he could inject diesel into the pipes of his old bike (via squeeze bottle!) so he could lay down a smoke screen but he was probably a bit unstable.
  5. If you do drill the exhausts, be prepared to get shitty running quality from the engine and eventually engine damage, unless you re-tune the carbs or injection system. Sometimes it happens bad, sometimes it doesn't.
  6. Callously drilling holes sounds suss. + probably not too legal.
  7. Yeah I would totally go for spending a bit of dosh and getting some proper after market cans.
  8. I think he may have been refering to a "bafflectomy" i'e drill holes in the end and remove the baffles. Google for bafflectomy, you'll see what I mean
  9. Vic, thats exactly what I am referring to. Not to remove the whole baffle though.

    The bird exhaust has 8 holes in the end of the cans that are just for show. Behind these is the baffle.

    My mate drilled his exhaust out and it did improve the note.

  10. how about coring it a little?
  11. Brenton, check this out:


    I personally would prefer to purchase a set of Staintunes. Cost is around $1,100. That way if you do get pinged, it's easy to put the stock cans back on. And it also helps with the resale if you have the stock items, still in good condition for RWC or if the new buyer would prefer a stock exhaust.
  12. Might be worth asking the guys at www.ozblackbird.net if you haven't already.

    I've got to admit going for aftermarket exhausts isn't cheap, given you need two slip-ons. Mind you talking the the micron guys, it isn't much more to get a full 4-2-1 system. The weight savings are considerable.
  13. on this subject i think i broke my rh baffle when i stacked, my bike makes a real nasty met on met noise at 6k exactly... any quick fix solutions to this?? just one bafflectomy?? i'm too poor atm for aftermarkets i'm still yet to get my screen and top fairing.
  14. Or he can read my post above yours, for a first hand experience on it. Anyway, the guys over at Ozblackbird pretty well say what everyone's saying here. Opinions are many and varied.

    I think that such a system will cost upwards of $2k. It will take quite a few kilos off the bike, and mated with a Power Commander, significant power increases are possible.

    Add in a "Stealth Shim", a machined lump of metal that jacks up the rear end, and you get almost sportsbike-like handling, and in particular, quicker steering.
  15. But if you drill holes in your exhausts, won't all the power run out? :-k

  16. I'm tempted by the staintunes :)

    I dont really want to drill anything for all the reasons above.
  17. What's the fine if you have tamperd with the pipe and know its too loud.??
  18. Probably just the usual penalties related to making the vehicle unroadworthy. I don't think that there are any laws against making mods, just so long as they don't make the vehicle unroadworthy.

    Still, best thing is to spend the dough on a decent set of cans and leave the stock units intact.
  19. There are specific fines against modifying or failing to maintain intake
    and exhaust systems to specifications. They are quite expensive, up
    to $2000, but I've rarely heard of that being applied. Perhaps aimed against
    a business which specifically provides these mods for road use?
    NSW has a reputation for being really harsh on noisy exhausts.

    You might get a canary (unroadworthy)

    I once was required to have bike examined at an EPA licenced test centre
    (cost $25) and if I could not produce a certificate of passing the noise and
    pollution test within 2 months it would be a $200 fine and cancelled rego
    until the bike passed the test. (vic)