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Drifting, and its painful after effects....

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by twainharte, Feb 21, 2007.

  1. something to be aware of:

    taken from another forum

    Tue Jan 23 2007 07:08 PM

  2. If that's true, then these people should be horse-whipped :evil:.
  3. Yep..local lads do the oiling here in MIldura too. They have on occasions, oiled the road at steep uphill intertsection/giveway sign, as well as the river front hangout.

    But what can you do? Bloody idiots, not thinking.
  4. And invoiced, and then thwacked with the hoon laws. ;)
  5. slight thread-jack, but can someone who KNOWS please tell me when "doin' wheelies in the car" or "goin' sideways" got the name DRIFTING??

    i was very confused when i watched that crap movie F&F tokyo drift because it was all just cage-wheelies to me, sure they were exceptional wheelies but drifting???
    :soapbox: :rofl: <-----i am confuzzled

    edit: and do these idiots know the damage that oil does to a road?? it penetrates the binder, increasing its viscosity - which then breaks down the surface under stress (traffic) which makes the surface fail, strip, bleed, crack, kill people.
    they should be more than horse-whipped paul :evil:
  6. Drifting is the act of sliding teh rear of teh car around under power, when moving forwards, usually around corners.
    It is different to burnouts and wheelies, which are usually just straight line affairs (or stationary, if you've got teh grunt).
    I've never oiled up a road to do it, in my mind, that's cheating! :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
    Regards, Andrew.
  7. [-( [-(

    still just (what i call) wheelies :p :LOL:

    is it a new name though (last 3 years?)? or have i been out of the big smoke too long :?

    edit- sliding the rear of a front-wheel-drive ricer under power? thats all i see in the movies ;)
  8. lol joel there isnt a single front wheel drive in that movie, except for maybe the hulk mobile the lancer is a evo with rear biased when it comes to putting the power to the wheels, its has been called drifting for about 15 yrs or something if you whated the dvd you should have watch the bonus features then the real DK part, who is actually in the movie one of the asian fisherman sitting down while they are practicing around the harbour
  9. ive almost be taken out by a drifter -come around a corner in the hills sideways...woulda hit his fuel cap head on.
  10. But what?
  11. But obviously he didn't.
  12. This topic got a mention by a mate the other night (Strech)..

    There have been idiots doing this in our local area recently (Craigieburn).

    I know there are a few netriders that frequent out here so just beware on some of the corners off Banbury Cresent and Cimberwood Drive.

  13. They don't have the money to get decent cars so they spend $9 on 4 litres of Black-and-gold at Safeway.

    Now watching the professionals do it is somthing else, seeing guys drifting half a metre from each other, around a track at 150 ks, in the middle of a monsoon...
  14. Yeah I know some retards that do it in their 'souped up' commonwhores. And by souped up I mean special 'mods' to keep it running - 20 years old and 5 gillion kms. Not to mention that none of them can do it anyway, only crappy, non-controlled powerslides.
  15. This thread has now "drifted" away from relevance to hazardous road conditions. Moved over to General, since its bike related, and the discussion can continue unhindered.
  16. i was travelling canterbury rd, can't remember which intersection, but there are oil on left hand lane as big as a car, in a square, and on the left is a giveway lane. i didn't understand why that many oil was there, but the post might answer why.
  17. God I hope I don't get caught on any of this...
    If I see any kids doing this I will throw my lighter onto the road underneath them.
  18. Yeah, that drifting is the weirdest form of motorsport that I ever saw. Its all about killing tyres, as I see it
  19. Why can't these reckless morons be more considerate???

    .... and just wait 'til it rains, like I do :grin: