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Drift HD170 Stealth Night Fast Motion

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by thermal, Jun 30, 2011.

  1. So my new Drift Stealth arrived today while I was at work, so I just had to strap it to the side of my head and try it out.

    Here's the first of probably many videos I'll make with it. I have to say, I was pretty amazed I got nearly the perfect angle on the first go. I had the built in mic set to it's lowest sensitivity, so the sound was unusable; you get to enjoy my music instead.

    Anyway, I'll be writing up a review of the camera after I've used it a couple more times, but until then, here's the vid:

  2. Aren't new toys great? Especially when they are bike related.

    Looking forward to seeing your vids. Have fun.
  3. Slow it down, dude!

    As somebody who works with moving pictures this MTV editing does my head in - you can't appreciate the video and it hurts the eyes. You'll get a much more appreciative viewership if you can actually see it.

    Said with love, of course :D
  4. Yeah fair enough. I didn't want to upload (and make music for) a 15 minute video though - but I also didn't have the thought to just cut out the parts where I was sitting in traffic.
  5. woah that made me dizzy

    keen for cam review, helmet cam is on my wishlist but haven't nailed down a certain buy yet
  6. well that would have been good. ive been looknig at a stealth, but by all accounts, the sound is crap on them...and cant stand it when people put vids up of the camera and have friggn music over it..just my own personl opinion..will wait to see the next vid so hope that is a goodie, thanks mate
  7. The sound is ok at low speeds, but once you hit about 40, the wind noise takes over. But that is to be expected with any built in mic - I bought the camera knowing that I would buy the external mic as well (which I'll be ordering in the next few days).

    I'll write up a review in the next couple of days, but here's one without music and during the day (and at real time ;)), the mic sensitivity was set on 2 (out of a max of 3).

  8. thats a good view...sound is crap thou...but interested to see how u go when u get the other mic...helps with the vision thou...thats good!..
  9. Hmmm not sure how much better you can get the sound without putting the mike in a wind protected area ... and even then.....

    contour pro is the same ... so its not the mike per se, but just the wind and placement.
  10. (y) it's great. works better than most for night vision too. sign me up to your channel.

    you are riding carelessly in a built up area though. i know it's fun to make cool footage and am looking forward to your movies. but honestly, you are a worry. try to forget you are wearing the camera.

    i have'nt got much on my channel yet. am working on a compilation of pawning harleys with pure jap inline 4 powa! so many stupid harleys around nowadays.

    stay safe and stick around dude ok
  11. Apart from a slip in concentration at about 1:15 which meant I had to brake a bit harder than is desirable, I'm not quite sure what you mean. Which bits do you think are potentially dangerous? I've only been riding about 8 months, so getting some mature eyes on my riding could be an unintended benefit of making videos.
  12. don't have broadband here to view it again sorry.
    plus difficulties logging in lately as i keep getting banned by anal moderation.
    but from memory, your innocence scared me. you are surrounded by threats that you don't yet recognise as you have not as yet experienced near misses (or worse) from those threats. you are not aware enough of your surroundings through my eyes when i put myself in your seat.
    you seem flippant and relaxed and over confident. you have defered too great a portion of your concentration on the camera and narative.
    you are in aheavilly built up area and have the reflexes of youth, but you are also in the middle of a kill zone and you don't have a healthy respect for it.
    when i get broadband back i will nit pick it thoroughly. feel free to punch me in the face anytime.
    but i put money on you being involved in an accident within the year. though i sincerely hope not.
  13. I've been solo on the road for about 7 years now and for the last 7 months that has been on a motorcycle. You are right about me being relaxed and, what I would call, confident though. Fear has no place on the road - if you are afraid to be there, then get off (I mean this generally of course, not you specifically).

    In those 7 years, I have been involved in 2 accidents. One was my fault, I rear ended someone because I was tired and allowed my attention to be drawn to a car coming from a side street, as I thought it was my greatest threat - when at the same time the car in front stopped dead. That was 4 years ago. The second doesn't even count, someone scratched my car because I was dumb enough to assume they knew how to drive. That was about 3 years ago and while nothing major came of it, it is a mistake I spend most of my brain power calculating how to avoid whenever I am on the road.

    Will I be involved in another accident? Maybe, but don't let the footage fool you, what my brain is processing is impossible to capture with a camera.

    In any case, I have no intention of punching you in the face, as I think people who are not open to suggestions and criticism are going to be the makers of their own demise.