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Drift - Eastern Creek

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by robbie55, Oct 19, 2010.

  1. Mate of mate was drifting at EC on Saturday night. I'd never been to a track before and not being much of a petrol head wasn't even all that keen in going. But once I stepped out of the car and smelt the smoking tyres and heard the high pitched scream of the tyres squealing I was hooked. I hadn't even seen a car yet and was already thinking I got to come back here with the bike.

    Wish I had been exposed to this (and riding earlier in life) and I'll be sure my newborn will have access to them as soon as he can.

    When were you first at the track either as a spectator or participant?
  2. :censored::furious::furious::furious:Sweetie, wash your mouth out..........I can't believe you have had the temerity to even state the above.........

    If you only knew the traction problems we faced after the drifters have left rubber over the track, in particular turn T12 at EC.

    If you doubt what I say, just ask the poor little dear heart who high sided his Desmosedici at T12 last month.

    Sugarplum I detest everything about them.:furious::furious::censored::censored:
  3. I wouldn't really call him poor if he can afford putting a desmo on a track
  4. Point taken Sweetie, although the replacement rear set assembly at $22,000 would have put a dent in his wallet. Rich or poor I still feel for the little pumpkin.......
  5. Kn drifters. Hate em.Ruined at least two race meeting at Oran Park for me and leave shit everywhere at EC. Nice job leaving a big pool of coolant in the middle of the garage too.](*,)
  6. I had no idea that it would have had such an impact on the track.

    It is actually the "marbles" or shit that they leave or is it the rubber that is driven into the surface of the road? Assuming its the earlier; wouldn't the managers of the track be responsible to ensure it cleaned before each meet?
  7. Well it's not really the drifters fault is it? the track managers should try and clean it. I'm sure they go to the track for the same reason riders go to the track. For a safe environment to do stuff without fear of fines or impounding.
  8. Sweeties, Sprinter is right about Oran Park coming out of T12 was a nightmare.......

    Darlings it's not the marbling of rubber that is the problem, more the ingrained residue from them, this residue has the potential to create a loss of traction......

    Sugarplums yes, track inspections take place, yes, you are advised if the drifters have used the track.........

    Dear hearts as an aside the track grip is far superior at PI
  9. Drifting is possibly the stupidest sport (if it is a sport) going around, why lose traction only to try and gain it again?
  10. TBH I couldn't understand if they were actually racing or not - and no one seemed confident enough to give me a direct answer. In any event at night it was hard to make out who was who and so checking out the smaller tracks/peanuts? (whatever) made more sense and was much more entertaining. Perhaps there is no real need to use the track itself for drifting. Regardless its a laugh to watch, especially when tyres pop and they limp out so slowly as if they'd notice any more damage to their banged up Skyline.
  11. As opposed to fishing, or duck shooting, or any form of racing. Why bother going round and round a circle lots of times? You end up in the same place and it's just a waste of petrol.