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Driding Runk

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Guest, Jul 10, 2005.

  1. Why do people persist to drink and do something that requires full attention at the best of times.

    Was riding throught the countryside (WA) today and as i came around a tight left there was a doofus sprawled over his Harley (yes it has oil leaks now) with blood pouring out of his newly chiseled face (half face helmet). I stopped as you do and jog over to where he was and help him up, another passer by brings some tissues and gives em too him. Hes holding em and i straight away begin to smell his last 10 drinks at the pub, he couldnt even stand straight let alone ride a bike. His eyes were glazed and he had no idea what was going on, id hated to have come around the corner and found him as someones new bumper bar.

    Plain stupidity gets you into these situations, and he could of easily been yet another statistic. EEEEEEDIOT :evil:
  2. I hope that someone called the police? I have no tolerance at all for drink drivers/riders. :twisted: :x
  3. My thoughts go out to his ......... oh wrong thread

    In all seriousness though he deserves to lose his license.
  4. If all he loses is his license he's lucky.

    Honestly, I can vaguely understand that someone can think driving drunk (or stupidly tired for that matter) is something you can get away with but on a motorcycle it's basically suicide.
  5. Speaking of Drink Driving, on Friday night heading home I come across a booze bus. I say to myself, about bloody time too, it has been a while since I've seen one.

    Pull up and the cop asks me how I am, I respond with "stuffed mate" (17 hour day) He looks at me with some shock and asks, "your not pissed are you?" No no, just worked a long day.
    After seeing 2 cars pulled over on the side of the road, I asked if they were having a successfull night, he responded with "2? nah mate, we got 18 so far, it's fcuken bullshit"


    18 people over the limit by 11.45pm on a Friday night.
    I would have loved to have known the final tally.
    When I went past the spot there was another car pulled over to the side of the road.

    That is just shocking!!!!!!!
  6. At least thats 18 who won't be killing someone

    Unfortunately there are still drunk drivers out there

    and yes I have NO tolerance of drunk drivers
  7. Hasnt everyone been pissed behind the wheel sometime or another?
  8. speaking for myself i can honestly say never... i have done a lot of stupid shit, but never driven drunk.
  9. OK what's everbodies limit on this?

    I think 1 beer or maybe 2 lights is OK but thats it for riding. 1 more of each for driving.

    Not the law, just you personal opinion
  10. Smee, control yourself!!
    No sympathy at all for the silly git, I hope he was booked. Sad thing is he probably doesn't have a licence anyway, and if he does, and he loses it, he'll probably ride unlicenced still, further jeopardising his fellow road-users by therefore being uninsured as well!
    As far as riding drunk, I can't comment, being a boring tee-totaller, my usual answer when the Booze Bus guys ask "Have you had a drink in the last 15 minutes?" is "I haven't had a drink in the last 56 years. Therefore, any disasters I perpetrate on the bike must be put down to stupidity, cos I have no other excuse!
    And, as a wise man once said "I pity the man who doesn't drink, because the way he feels in the morning is the best he's going to feel all day!"
  11. DD is not on no matter what your driving.

    .05 doesn't come into to it for me when riding, I'll always make sure that i'm close to or on .00 when I get on the bike. If i'm riding, then I'm either not drinking or I'm crashing the night.

    It's a simple choice, drink or drive, not both, and can't believe any rider, no matter how many tats, would get out on the road smashed.

  12. Definately NOT.... Even with a full licence i will only have 1 0r 2 and then wait another hour before driving. Just to be ultra safe and it sure beats walking after the cops have achat to you.
  13. I'm too paranoid to drink and ride.
    Its one or the other for me.
  14. I've driven pissed 2 or 3 times.
    one time i couldnt even remember doing it,
    another time i drove like 5 mins to my girls place, woke up in the morning.. came out and inspected my car, no dings. 10 out of 10 parking job too :wink:
    But since then i've done alot of things to get out of that habit. driving to my friends work give him the keys to my car then drive off to another friends house and stall my car and commmence drinking :wink: (i got an old car) Or just in general give my keys to someone who is responsible.

    Havent got pissed on the bike yet, glad i havent cause i would just prang... try to take a 60km corner at 130 8)
  15. not usually one to judge ppls, but fcuk me thats stupid :LOL:

    i'll never understand how i managed to lose my licence for 12 months for speeding while my dad loses his for 6 months for doubling the legal limit, getting road rage, and having an accident :shock:

    drink drivers should have a minimum licence loss too, its just unacceptable to drive under the influence. i do understand that some ppls can carry themselves better than others, but where do you draw the line? and how do you KNOW when you shouldn't drive? i mean you already think your the hottest thing on earth, that the blonde at the bar is looking at you suggestively and that your gods gift to dancing, so you ARE going to think that you can drive arent you :wink:

    drink riding is another thing all together, your only gunna last a couple of minutes before learning your lesson, i say go for it. its gunna hurt and your gunna feel like a dick REAL quick :LOL:
  16. There's no way i'd be trying to ride after a few (even after i get off my L's and P's), I'd agree with 1 heavy or a couple of lights...

    I'm on my L's, but i had some rum the other night... Rum and Raisin icecream that is :LOL:
  17. One of the more frustrating rides I've had was last year with the BMW Club to SA. Having an afternoon in the Barossa Valley and having to be very very careful about tasting wines :cry:

    Still, I managed to taste a couple - it was a good excuse to just pick out the very top shelf ones "I can only taste one - I'm on the bike" :LOL:

    We worked it out at one of the wineries - it's about 3 or 4 tastes for one standard drink so we could probably have had more but I'd rather err on the cautious side.

    And I did fit a few in the panniers to have back at the BBQ that night. :LOL:

    On the subject of breath testing though, a policeman of my acquaintance told me once that if there's a bit of traffic, they'll pull over cars rather than bikes... They catch bikes over .05 less often (in proportion) than they do cars.

  18. HELL NO, my licenses are far far too valuable to me than to do something completely stupid and irresponsible like that and risk them.

    Shame everyone doesn't share the same values.
  19. I've never been stopped for a breath test while on the bike. I always get waved on by.

    Though with the new breath tester meaning you don't even have to take off your helmet now (you just speak your name into the testing unit), they might start.
  20. Hmmm

    We are all soooo vehemently against running red lights and drink driving (that's a good thing!) .. so why is it that were sooo up in arms over speeding?

    As much as I don't like it, the arguments for running a red light and drink driving (generally, "I am in control" type) largely apply to the arguments for speeding too. Essentially .. the drink driver says s/he shouldn't get a 1 mth suspension at .06 because his/her tolerance to alchohol is different and s/he was in complete control and we (the populous) don't care and say shame on him/her .... yet the speeder doing 70 in a 60 zone says his/her driving ability is high and s/he was in complete control and we (the populous) feel sorry for teh person and think the fine isn't warranted.

    So when it comes down to it .. why is it that we (as a populous) are so 'for' drink driving and red light penalties, but so 'against' speeding penalties?