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Dri Rider - Rubbish!

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by chmaiden, Nov 5, 2013.

  1. ok heres the story - had 3 dri rider items - jacket needed replacing in the first week as the zips were broken. The zip on the cuff of my pants then broke (prob about 2-3 years old but probably worn less than 100 times??). Then today, the zip on one of the boots disintegrated.

    So 3 dri rider items. 3 broken zips. Whilst the pants and boots are a few years old (I bought them all from Yamaha City when they had a 1 day sale on a few years back), they have hardly seen much wear.

    Now as far as I know, zips don't wear out over time when they are not being used?

    I wrote to McCleoud Accessories, who make dri rider gear, and was told that I "shouldn't pull too hard and not in a non-straight direction" ie told me I didn't know how to use a zip - something I have used successfully for the 40 years that I have been on this planet without any other brand disintegrating. Basically the arrogant "Brand Manager" was not in the slightest bit interested in either helping me, or finding out more about why his product is breaking.

    So what are peoples thoughts on 1) the fact that these zips disintegrate on me (none of my Shift, dainese or alpinestars stuff have had any problems) and 2) the attitude of the McCleoud Accessories Brand Manager????
  2. candle wax as zipper lube helps. or you could use zipper lube.
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  3. Thanks mate. There wasn't a problem with either zip until they disintegrated - it was the pulley thing that broke
  4. Yeah dri-rider quality waxes and wains. Lately I've not been a fan of their products, but for a while there I though they were good value for money.
  5. Hmmm, I think Australia Post has made major orders for Posties, so if their quality control isn't up to scratch it will certainly show up in an order that size.
  6. if its just the zip puller you can get replacements on ebay called zip mend. I needed to replace 2 on an old Dainese jacket I bought second hand.
  7. I can assure you that zippers fail on most brands from time to time, even brand new items. Mass production means cutting costs.
  8. You get what you pay for.

    Why do you think it is cheaper than the other brands you mention?

    What did you really expect the brand manager to do? I suspect he considers it to be normal wear and tear or your misuse.
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  9. Hey Chillie, nice to see you've recovered from your overindulgence earlier in the w/end.

  10. Thank Rod, just got home from overindulging at the cup
  11. Doesn't almost everything use YKK zips?
    Maybe dri-rider uses a cheaper brand, or YKK has different grades of zips...
  12. Mate will you never learn.
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  13. YKK doesn't mean it's a good zipper.
  14. Zipper on my mesh dririder jacket that I used nearly daily for almost a year is working fine. Only bad thing is if I zip/unzip too quickly sometimes it can get caught. Not fun when you are late for a lecture on a 30C+ day.
  15. The tags broke off the zips on my dririder boots after a few months - I just replaced them with cable ties. It wasn't really unexpected, its all cheap stuff.

    The Brand Manager could have expressed himself better, but he was probably just making off hand comments to fob you off. The key message was "fair wear and tear, we don't care"
  16. My Dririder jacket is fine, had it for 7 years~, all that's wrong with it is the rubber has has deteriorated around the sides.
  17. Just recently on sold my Dririder jacket and pants, both where still looking good and going strong after maybe 8 years of service.

    Even heard of BMW jackets breaking zips, so it doesn't matter the price I don't think. Maybe just unlucky enough to get the dodgy one with all three.

    Come to think of it, never had a zip fail on motorbike gear yet..... now saying that though, now it'll happen.
  18. I had a look at some Dri Rider boots, thinking that the name was a good brand and I could expect the boots to be good wet weather boots. They were comfortable too, then I read the detials and is states that the boots don't keep water out. I guess I equated dri rider to mean it will keep the rider dry, Anybode else mislead by their name?:confused:
  19. Make sure you don't buy a Mazda 6
  20. Yep, I know you can't get a Mazda 6 with a V6 engine.