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Dri rider Opinions

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by movin, May 13, 2008.

  1. Well having worn out my 2nd ALL SEASONS Dri Rider jacket, Im in the market for a 3rd ALL SEASONS.
    But Im reading and hearing several different reports about the quality of new range of Dri Riders? :? Can anyone confirm or deny please if they have experienced any of following or any other issues

    Frayed velcro and fabric,
    Leaking water in centre zip,
    Side pockets filling full of water,
    Press studs breaking,
    Inner lining strecthing,

    Be very interested to here people opions who own these in any model NOT summer though, i.e. Nordic/Artic/Summit 2/EVO

    Ta :grin:
  2. I've got a climate control and wear it all year around.. apart from getting dirty its still 100% intact.

    My jacket is still pretty good and I've been wearing it almost everyday for a year
    Only washed once :p
  4. Leathers plus thermals. Plastic raincoat for emergencies.
  5. +1 on the dririder, my jacket has been great, no problems. And I can't believe how well it keeps the rain out.
  6. Hey mate, looking at replacing my Rjays explorer this winter, was looking at the Dririder Climate Control 2 jacket. Just a question .. Is it warm and dry enough for a dedicated winter jacket?

    - Vinnie
  7. got a Dri-rider Freeway. Im not that big a fan of it actually.

    Some sticking has come undone and the velcro pad for the kneck strap fell off after 2 weeks.

    It does ok i guess, but knowing what i know now i wouldnt buy one again. theres a fair few good brands around. however if i was buying a full winter jacket again i think the summit/nordic jackets look pretty good.

    so in summary. couple of small quality issues that can be fixed urself if u can sow or have a wife. wouldnt reccoment the freeway but some of the others look ok
  8. Ive got a summit 2


    water is released out near the sleeve cuffs...straight into your glove if wearing full gauntlets..only solution is to put jacket over gloves

    fabric on sleeves is "pilling" or getting fuzzy, doesn't seem to affect performance though

    liner degradeed fast but stopped at a worn look and gone no further

    jacket is 1 year old.

    over all 8/10 great if its cold and dry, the water in the gloves dampens (pun intended) the experience in the wet
  9. :?
    I really thought the Dririder was a quality jacket, but after reading some of your experiences here, I think my Rjay's explorer is probably a better product. I think I may go try a few brands on.
    Problem with my explorer is the 'fit' .. a little too bulky and restrictive.
    I'd wear my Octane but it aint warm enough in winter.
  10. I have a 2.5yr old Nordic4, it's theshiznit. I'd give it a 9/10, it never leaks and it's every bit as good as the day I bought it. 5deg winter mornings I wear a t-shirt and the jacket with the winter lining.. mmm toasty.

    The Nordic4 pants... 6/10.. they leak and aren't so good fitting.
  11. I've got a DriRider Rallycross Evo. As I've written before, I'm very unimpressed with it considering the price.

    Tags and straps came unstiched almost instantly.

    Thermal liner is not waterproof in spite of claims to the contrary.

    Standard liner which might be waterproof is like wearing a bag of crisps.

    Customer service was poor until I really started to hammer on the counter.

    It's a $150 jacket. Trouble is, with the upgrade kit to make it safe and useable, it cost me nearer $350.

    I'll not be buying another unless I can get it for less than $100 and I'm desperate for a cheap jacket.
  12. Did you not read the OP? :roll:

    No one asked what you wear.
  13. I use a DriRider climate control. Have used it daily for the last year.

    Quality issues:
    - Velcro has lost considerable strength.
    - Textile material has lost its black and is turning purple in some areas.

    I've heard only the finest stuff about the BMW ComfortShell suit. It has a material that expands and contracts based on the temperature (so in toasty hot Australian weather, it's very breathable; in crummy lousy weather, toasty comfy warm).

    However, it isn't cheap at all: $900ish for the Jacket and $500ish for the pants. Those are RRP so there's room to move.

    There's a huge amount of review and searching around for a 4-seasons jacket/suit at the http://advrider.com/forums/ forums (c.f. equipment forum): so fair only praise has been sung for the Bimmer gear.
  14. My all-weather jacket's an AGVsport, it's about 6 years old now and a few bits of stitching have died, so my arms get wet if it's really bucketing. Those bits tore at a seam where a useless strap was affixed.

    Still does an OK job.
  15. Skuffy has a nice set of 1 piece blue Pajamas.

    Well it kept him dry and work \m the other day..not overly cheap but it looks like it does the job well

    a PM to mitch would probably garner some more detail on said Smurf Suit
  16. My DR has done around 30,000K's in the last two years in all weather. Never washed, I let mother nature do that for me.

    Not a single issue with it and I wear it every day and do at least 400K's a week no matter the weather. Very happy with it.
  17. I use a Rallycross every day all weathers, no complaints in 8 months
    It has the winter quilt liner and the waterproof one that zip in and out.
    Only need a t-shirt under it now though.

    Motorcycle accessory warehouse $150.00

    Great value.