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Dri Rider Climate Control Pro

Discussion in 'Jackets' started by mits, May 7, 2010.

  1. I bought this jacket a few months ago from Helmet warehouse for $300. It has 2 removable linings which is very handy. The inner is a thermal and the other is a thin waterproof coat. On hot days I take out both, but now with the unpredictable whether I stick to just having the raincoat layer in there just in case.

    Without the linings in there, the jacket is very cool as it has breathable mesh. If you're using the raincoat lining, you still don't get sweaty as there are 2 mesh vents on the shoulders.

    The sleeves also have adjustable clips, so if you're wearing layers you can give yourself a bit more room and keep the elbow padding snug.

    It also has shoulder and upper back padding.

    Overall quite happy with it, my only whinge would be it tends to ride up at the back when you're riding. So I'd recommend trying it on before buying, as I'm usually a Large and got this in a medium.
  2. I have the same jacket - zips need a little dry lube. My only issue was the velcro on the wrists and the adjustment arm clips. I had extra velcro sewn on, easy fix. Clips seem to come undone alot. Not sure is its the clips or me bumping them.....

    Thermal lining is very warm and the water proof lining works. What more could you ask for.
  3. I'm also using one. I'm very happy with it.
  4. Yeah i like mine, but it could be a tiny bit warmer for these 4am mornings in fog at 100kph...
    Thats why im on the hunt for a true winter jacket, to back up the otherwise almost all seasons dri rider ccp.
  5. Get a ski jacket and some armour :p
  6. ihave one of these too and agree its a great versatile jacket which has been great in all weather so far....but... i'm finding that its not quite made for very cold conditions on rides at 100kmh plus. around town its fine but the wind penetrates all layers at higher speeds....maybe just a jumper underneath may help.
    great jacket though
  7. Its crossed my mind lol...