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Drew's finally getting a bike.

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Drew, Apr 18, 2006.

  1. Well as most here know i've been looking trying and missing out for a while now..... BUT......

    Went looking at bike on the weekend with the Cheif Cashier. And it looks like a GPX250 is the one we are getting as she wants it after ive got a bigger on e in a year or so. I liked the VTR250 but was not to the liking of the Missus, want to get here to try a SPADA though :)

    Probably going to get a new one (unless she likes the Spada) as we were given a deal for 1/2 price helmet and Draggins with the bike. As well as the fact that the wife probably won't want to upgrade for a while so we want as long a life out of it...not that it is really an issue with what i've heard about the GPX bikes.

    Still looking at other dealers and options though. The Big City Boys might do better than the Country dealers, who knows.
  2. Woo-Hoo, Drew.
  3. Yep taken a while but it's finally happening !!

    booking in for the L's as soon as some money clears into my account! Then 1st available vacancy is MINE!!!
  4. Fantastic dude. all u need to do now is get it.

    good luck
  5. :cool: That is excellent news, Drew.
  6. Thanks guys, plans are to get the bike by as soon as we can after the L's..... got to get riding!!

    L's shouldn't be a problem theoretcally.....

    only concern i really have is my dodgy ankle... on the GPX i sat on the gear leaver neets to be raised moved a bit to suit me....... just not sure how this is goinfg to effect my L's test.... like the emergency stop etc.

    Guess i'll talk to the instructor about it

    Just watch out for me on some Netrider rides :) coffee nights may be a while..... gonna get used to riding first before trying the city at peak hour!!
  7. There should be heaps of adjustment on both pedals, Drew, and you should hit the dealer up to do them for you! Brake pedal should be set so that the ball of your foot is resting on the plate at a natural angle; gear pedal should be set likewise, or a tad higher.
  8. brakes are fine.... its just that "natural" is something my left ankle hasn't done since '87.

    From what i could tell and talking ot the dealer... rotating the gear lever 1-2 teeth on the splined shaft will solve the problems..... it's just the bike for the learners i am concerned about
  9. As far as I know mate you have to do your L's on their bike as you are not allowed to ride yours yet and the bikes they useally use will be fine for your ankle
  10. yeah you have to use theirs for the L's test..... just hope they are ok... or they let me adjust it.

    anyway i'll talk to the instructors about it.
  11. finally!! :LOL: :LOL:

    gunna be a tuff record to beat, near a year online and over 1000 posts before you got a bike :p :p

    but seriously mate, DONT BUY NEW.... its been gone over a million times here, so i'm sure you've seen it all. you'll be paying top dollar for a bike thats been unchanged for 17 years, buy something a little older thats in top nic (obviously you want it a little better than a ratty bike because of the pass it down factor) and save yourself a few $$$ and a bunch of depreciation to boot :wink:

    and dont stress about the test, its easy as mate :grin:
  12. Good on ya mate. well done.
  13. i'm looking at new right now (yes ive read the posts) because of the 1/2 price gear with the bike plus i know the dealer from other things i've been involved with.

    but still looking to see what else i can come up with... not set in stone yet.

    and yeah i challenge anyone to beat my post counts before getting the bike!!
  14. the test itself i 'm pretty sure won't be a problem..... it's getting the bike to fit my darn foot!
  15. What coco said. Buying new is for mugs (or people who want the latest and greatest no matter what the price).

    Find a good secondhand one, you'll save yourself loads even after buying the gear. Probably be cheaper to insure too.
  16. i'd hardly call a GPX latest and greatest :LOL:

    still got to do all the sums but all options are up for consideration.
  17. It's about time :LOL:. I wouldn't get too excited about the 1/2 price gear with a new bike, even if you're buying a used bike from a dealer you should still get a real good deal on riding gear.
  18. yep thats true.

    looking at dealers with 2nd hand bike... local (ie 70km away) guys just do new..... no 2nd hand bikes anywhere near the shop :(
  19. 1/2 price gear at a shop should equate to about standard price at most online shops :wink:
  20. yeah i know... but i can't try it on if its online. and dealers may get a bit annoyed with using their store as a fitting room for my online purchases.....