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Drew had an accident - advice needed.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Drew, Jan 23, 2007.

  1. Well i threw the SPADA down Montague St this morning :evil:

    Car changed laned right into my with no indicator (supported by driver following me)

    Well i avoided all cars but lost it on the cetre white line whiles leaned over . Following car stopped and made sure i was ok but the offending car quickly dissapeared.

    Damage to me is negligable.... large bruise on back of left hand.....not sure what i hit it with but other than that i'm fine.

    Jacket now has a few holes on outer layer... looks like that new jacket will be arriving sooner than anticipated.

    Motodry Pants popped a seem over right knee (going to see if i can get these repaired)

    Helmet and gloved didn't even touch the ground,


    2 dents in the tank from the bars (how much would it cost to fix these and a respray??)
    front indicator has ground the lens down and needs replacing
    Bent rear brake pedal

    Immediate concern is the brake....... being what looks like aluminium... will it bend back ok or will it snap if i try to straighten it?? If i need i new one, where to go. It is still useable but need to conciously keep toes closer in then before or i miss it.

    other than that i just need to get a new indicator lens somewhere. anyone know where to go or do i go and talk to SUMOTO about a new one??

    currently jumped up on adrenaline but i'm fine and ok.

    If someone is in the sth Melb area though I would appreciate a quick look over the bike just to make sure it's all ok as i do need to do 100Km home on it tonight.
  2. Hey Drew,

    Sorry to hear about your off, glad you are not hurt.. don't worry these Spada's are tough! I threw mine down the road at 80ks..

    It will cost you about $350 - $400 to have the tank redone.. I don't know about brake levers, but i bent my gear lever back ok..
  3. Drew, noooooooo....

    At least you're ok, mate.

    Give Steve Wyers a call and see what price spare bits, etc.....
  4. Damn Drew! That's no good. :( Bit of a shake up for the morning. :eek:

    Glad you're okay.

  5. thanks suzy

    Bar levers are ok... its just he rear brake pedal that bent. Tank i'll probably get done later on.

    Guess i'm lucky i didn't hit any oncoming traffic though.
  6. Mate!!!! At least you're alright.

    As far as the Spada in concerned, you can pick up new indicators from most bike shops for maybe $20-30 a pair. Should be a universal mount... Tank, I personally wouldn't worry about, but if you want it fixed, then yeah, $300-400 for a beat and spray is about right. As for the brake pedal, you've got nothing to lose in bending it back and seeing how it goes, if it snaps, just go buy another one (which is what you would've done anyway). I wouldn't go to Sumoto, I'd ring around the wreckers, or try www.findapart.com.au
  7. ... and Netrider is one of the referring options in the findapart site :)
  8. That's a bugger mater.

    I would take the rear brake lever off the bike. Gently bend back (Smash with large rock!!)as straight as possible abd put back on the bike. 10 minute job tops, but i would look at getting a straight replacement relatively quickly. If you do break the lever, you can still get home with only the front, but just be careful/aware that you only have a front brake.

    Also, give the bike a quick check when you have calmed down (ie have a close look at the forks, front discs) to see if everything is okay.

    Best of luck mate
  9. Yeah just annoyed and rather shitty atthe other driver though.

    Just thought of that myself Hornet.

    Will have to go to Sumoto though and see if i can find out what the colour code is for the Blue they use...... or i'll have to do the whole bike when i respray the tank.
  10. You could always take the opportunity to go for a custom colour for the tank and leave the rest of what's painted (?) original.....
  11. Forks discs etc seem ok... rode it the rest of the way to work. no jutters jumps or anything that i immediately noticed.

    And nothing is leaking :)
  12. Sorry to hear about the prang, delighted to hear that you and the Spud escaped with relatively minor injuries.
  13. Have you filed a police report?
    My advice is that you should be doing that as first order of business
  14. Did you get the plate of the car?

    Or would you at least recognise it in traffic again [100% positive ID]?

    ... I'd be havin' words with that prick.

    You ran me off the road and my bike cost $__ to fix.
    No I didn't.
    Yes you did. I saw you, I recognise you. Will you pay for the repairs?
    No way, I'm not paying for it - you fell off, it's your own fault.
    Well ok, but I won't be paying for the damage to your car either.
    There's no damage to my car.
    Not yet, there isn't.
  15. not much to report..... i can't even say what type of car it was other than dark colour ans the place started with "S" according to a witness) i was too busy trying to keep the bike up.

    Interesting idea Hornet...... might have to get creative with photoshop and see what looks good.
  16. Nice to hear you weren´t badly injured.

  17. yeah Drew, I've got parts from Steve at Caringbah Motorcycles before and he is quite happy to mail them. Just pay for them with your credit card over the phone. I've even had them express posted before.
  18. Not entirely my point. it should be in the crime statistics that an other hit and run against a motorbike was caused.

    You may not get this POMS, but at least you get the statistics stating that there is an other POMS out there.
  19. Nooo! Glad to hear you escaped colliding with any cars. That alone is an awesome feat, IMO!

    I'm guessing the rear brake lever is like the gear lever, which I was able to bend mine back. Easy does it.

    I'd definitely be checking a wrecker for your petrol tank. When my bike went for a slide I asked my favourite bike shop to recommend a wrecker coz some have more parts of particular types of bikes.

    I can't find a pic of it now, but there's a tank decorated in evil Sesame Street characters. Very cute!
  20. Sorry to hear about the stack mate. You should definately report it to the cops - they might have some luck in finding witnesses (and be sure to mention that you were injured as a result since that makes it a more serious offence ;)). If the brake lever is aluminium it may snap if you try and bend it back - it's less likely to do this however if you heat it first with an oxy-acetylene (probably cheaper/easier to just buy a new one).